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WHISPER Is Providing Top Value Mattresses for All Sleepers in Dubai

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Updated 1:00 AM CDT, Mon, June 10,2019

Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2019 -- WHISPER is proud of introducing revolutionary sleeping products for everyone in the United Arab Emirates that wants to have the pleasures of advanced solutions that will see them wake up feeling refreshed and reenergized. The company brings with them the results of decades of active research and development, which has been enhanced by working hand in hand with sleepers who provide valuable feedback. Today, WHISPER is proud of offering superior mattresses and pillows developed using a patented technology and breakthrough foams for availing better sleeping time.

Talking about why they chose to focus on sleeping products, the company's spokesperson said, "As humans, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping and this is such a significant time that can never be overlooked. In the modern age where everything is fast-paced, there are lots of pressures that have to be faced right from the moment you wake up until the hour you decide to rest. We took the initiative of developing products that will make sleeping hours to be quality time that will go a long way in seeing you wake up refueled to face a new day."

The search for the best quality mattress must be centered on how it plays a direct role in ensuring that all the hours spent sleeping are free from any inconveniences that interrupt natural sleep cycles. WHISPER made this the area of focus for their material engineers and professional sleepers who ended up developing the first mattress that adjusts to the user's DNA. The highly breathable open-cell adaptive foam provides the perfect conditions for anyone that wants to have cooler and extra-comfortable nights in the heat of Dubai.

Speaking about why they are confident of providing the best value mattress, the company spokesperson said, "Our mattress outshines all other options in the market as it is the first model that provides adjustable comfort to all users. Depending on whether you love to sleep on a super soft surface or want foam that is more firm, Whisper mattress has got you covered. It is also able to support dual comfort, which means that partners can comfortably share a bed without having to compromise on their preferences. All these are then made better with the anti-bacterial and EMF shield that keeps you safe from any electronic waves."

The decision to buy mattress online must always be backed with the assurance of top value for money and WHISPER has made this one of their primary strengths. All purchases from the store are backed with a 100-night risk-free trial where a full refund is given in case the mattress does not satisfy the individual needs. WHISPER as such places its reputation on the line as they have the confidence that their products will not only meet but exceed all expectations.

WHISPER is giving the residents of Dubai the pleasures of pain-free and cooler nights by availing to them premium mattresses and pillows that have been purposefully developed for individuals looking for healthier and happier lives.

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