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WakeBake Co. Announces CHiLLCAP: The World's First Travel and Environment-Friendly Coffee Cap with a Built-in Smoking Pipe

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Updated 6:57 AM CST, Thu, November 16,2017

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2017 -- WakeBake Co. wants to help people glide through their busy week more easily by allowing them to chill out and perk up – all at the same time, if they're so inclined.

The company's new product, CHiLLCAP, is a customized coffee lid that combines a regular drinking spout and a smoking pipe. The lid, which is made to retrofit any average size takeaway coffee cup, is a convenient and discreet way to enjoy the mellowing effect of herbs, anywhere, anytime, while also helping the environment by avoiding waste.

In addition to being a perfect way to stay balanced during busy, stressful work weeks, CHiLLCAP also has a number of other appealing features:

- Its unique design allows a separation of the coffee spout and the pipe so there's no cross contamination of tastes.

- It's a very clean way to smoke, as all of the lid's pieces separate easily and can be simply washed with soap and water to avoid any grime or build-up.

- It's made of high-quality, durable silicone, so it can withstand extreme temperatures and all the rigors of travel and any outdoor adventures such as camping or hiking.

- It contains a separated cooling filter that traps dust and dirt particles, allowing for a much smoother and more cough-free experience than what traditional pipes offer.

- It's versatile! Fill it with a beverage of choice – coffee, tea or hot chocolate – depending on the desired mood effect.

CHiLLCAP can also be ordered discreetly – lid packages arrive in a plain, padded envelope to allow for the utmost security and privacy.

The "Wake" and "Bake" philosophy of WakeBake Co. centers around a belief that heightened moments of relaxation and bursts of fresh energy are both necessary to inspire true creativity and productivity a consistent basis. CHiLLCAP is here to help positive-minded movers and shakers stay mellow, while still being laser focused on completing their daily goals.

About The WakeBake Co.
The WakeBake Co. is an American lifestyle brand that promotes the idea of being productive while remembering that learning how to regularly "chill out" and relax is the optimal way to stay balanced. Their goal is to create high quality products that allow users to easily and conveniently integrate elements of relaxation and positive stimulation into their daily lives.

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