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The One-Second Pants Hanger Meant to Save and Organize Space

Via: ReleaseWire

Updated 1:05 PM CST, Thu, January 17,2019

Newport Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/17/2019 -- Known as the "Hurdle Hanger", the self-styled "one-second pants hanger" has already raised a whopping $16,639, which is more than three times its original $5,000 funding goal. That itself should give potential backers a sense of its popularity and ease of use. This is "user experience" as applied to a simple clothes hanger and backers who have pledged support will quickly see how the details make all the difference in a living space.

So-called for its design that resembles a person jumping over a hurdle, the Hurdle Hanger aims to save space when placed on a clothes rack, be easy enough to motivate the user to pick up pants and actually hang them and to provide a non-slip, lightweight alternative to traditional hangers.

Say the team at Collab Space, the creators of Hurdle Hanger: "The reason your clothes don't get hung up after you finally find your look of the day and throw everything all over your room is because of how inconvenient traditional hangers are."

"We're introducing a clothes organizing solution that removes all the existing inconveniences of pants maintenance such as crumples, creases, and clip marks to help you organize your pants once and for all."

What makes Hurdle Hanger truly modern and efficient is that its design is purposely formulated to allow for vertical and horizontal orientations, taking into account that consumers might have tall and low-hanging wardrobe systems. The smooth, sleek and completely unique design allows the consumer to hang their clothing according to material and condition.

The brains behind Hurdle Hangers have created a design that neatly aligns the front lines of pants, so they're easily ordered without clumping up and taking up too much space. It features a neat hook at the end, perfect for attaching the end belt loop to and keeping pants firmly upright, instead of sagging and slipping off. This thoughtful hook also makes a great extra space for hanging up hats, belts and accessories. Consumers can actually style their pants with their favorite go-to items.

Since the Hurdle Hanger allows for different orientations, consumers can also hang up clothing without worrying about spilling change or cards out of pockets. The idea here is not only to encourage the consumer to organize their space further, clearing it of clothing clutter, but to actually do so in a way that saves time and preserves the integrity of the clothing material and quality. The Hurdle Hanger measures the size of a standard hanger but has a completely different design.

It's just one of the first in a line of planned apparel-related launches by Collabo Space, a California-based company. Once the Hurdle Hanger is successfully delivered, these innovative creators and product designers will be setting their sights on household goods and furniture, almost modular and convertible in nature.

Through the Kickstarter campaign, backers are presented with a variety of rewards including a 10-pack of Hurdle Hangers starting at $20 USD, a 20-pack of hangers for $37 USD, and more, with deliveries anywhere in the world. Backers can also pledge $53 for a 30-pack or up to $93 for a 60-pack of Hurdle Hangers.

"Our lives are too busy to waste time organizing clothes," says the Collabo Space team. "With these products...many people will be able to solve the hassle of arranging clothes more easily."

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