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Synthetic Grass Store Featuring Pet-Friendly Options

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Updated 12:57 PM CDT, Wed, March 20,2019

The Synthetic Grass Store has added detailed information to their site regarding the pet-friendliness of all their artificial turf products.

Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2019 -- The Synthetic Grass Store, a wholesale distributor of artificial turf products based in Arizona, is launching a campaign to educate homeowners on the benefits of their products for those who own pets, especially dogs. The company wants to focus on the benefits of their products and show property owners how, over a period of time, this option is more cost-effective and will save them time on maintenance as well.

"When someone calls for artificial grass installers one of the first questions, they have is about whether or not these products will be good if they have dogs. This turf is fantastic for animals. It's comfortable for them to rest or play on, they cannot dig into it, it will not stain from urine and is designed to last with even the biggest and friskiest of dogs. This is an ideal surface to use if you have children who love to play outside with your pets because the surface will take the wear and tear and still look good as new. In fact, many of our customers feel that it's easier to clean up after their pets with this surface because there is no dirt or debris that has to be sifted through and it's easier to spot anything that is in the turf." Synthetic Grass Store Representative

Another reason for such interest in artificial turf, especially in Arizona and California, is because of the droughts that plague the region. The annual temperature in this area is over 85 degrees with less than 10 inches of rainfall for the entire year. Keeping a natural lawn well-watered is not only challenging, but it's expensive. This has led to an increase in demand for artificial grass installers as the products do not need water and require little maintenance.

"Consider the cost of water, how often you have to water a natural lawn, getting it trimmed every two weeks and so forth, why would you want to invest that amount of time and money into it? We offer an affordable, alternative option and professional artificial grass installers who will make sure that your lawn looks perfect. This lawn can be used for hosting parties, playing games with the kids and pets, having dinner with the family and so much more. We will send you a sample of the turf options so that you can see the difference in size and feel and also get additional information to help you make an informed decision."

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