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Star Lanka Offering Certified Sphene at the Best Prices

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Updated 9:00 PM CDT, Wed, June 13,2018

Star Lanka, an online marketplace for gemstones with a proven record, is offering a variety of authentic, certified Sphene at the best prices in India, Thailand: Hong Kong, China and beyond.

Bangkok, Thailand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2018 -- Star Lanka is an online marketplace for procuring authentic gemstones at wholesale prices. The online marketplace has the contacts and realistic valuation competence to get hold of gemstones from around the world, and lapidary skills to transform them without altering their natural properties. The business model serves Star Lanka well to deliver gemstones in their natural form at the best prices and with a certificate of authenticity in Thailand, Hong Kong, China and beyond. As apparent as it is, Star Lanka enjoys consistent customer loyalty across geographies and cultures, which is the cornerstone of its impressive growth over the years.

Providing an insight into Star Lanka, one of its executives recently stated, "Star Lanka takes pride in accessorising patrons with natural gemstones without asking them to overspend. We are riding high on our market savvy, as recent developments will attest to. We lately set up two new ventures - JEWELONE and CHARMES JEWELLERY - the former being a regular gemstone showroom in Bangkok while the latter is an online natural gemstone jewellery outlet. We are an authorized GEMFIELDS auction partner participating in all of their bi-annual auctions for a few years now. Moreover, come June 2018, we are shifting to a better-equipped facility."

Star Lanka has a well-stocked inventory of gemstones for all needs, tastes and budgets. It accommodates Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Black Star Sapphire, to Blue Moon, Stone Blue Star Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Blue Tourmaline, Cats Eye, Chalcedony, Champagne Topaz, Chocolate Moon Stone and Chrome Tourmaline. The inventory also includes Bi-Colour Tourmaline, Bi-Colour Sapphire and Bi-Colour Topaz, Colour Change Garnet, Diamond, Emerald, Fibrolite Cats Eye, Fire Opal, Fluorite, Gray Moon Stone, Hessonite Garnet, Imperial Topaz, Iolite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Spinel and Kunzite. Each gemstone available at Star Lanka is natural, and perfectly reshaped, resized and polished to boost its brilliance and appeal.

Offering information on the Sphene gemstone, the executive further stated, "Also referred to as Titanium, Sphene is a high-worth, fragile mineral found in a well-formed and transparent crystal form. The gemstone is known for its awe-inspiring visual appeal and proven curative abilities. It is believed to bring in good fortunes, and promote positivity, rationality and creativity, the three vital traits for success in any field. As the jewellery world is waking up to the benefits of Sphene, Sphene jewellery is becoming commonplace. At Star Lanka, we are promoting the trend with a consistent supply of authentic Sphene to our patrons globally."

Star Lanka offers the wide Sphene inventory to ensure suitability for the buyer. The collection is vast and thoughtfully organised to allow for purchases based on parameters like shapes, sizes, hues, price range, lab and treatment. Each piece is unique in looks and appeal, 100% pure and natural, and available in sizes ranging from less than 1ct to as much as 44 ct. those wanting to buy Sphene stone can also expect the best prices, friendly service, and fast doorstep deliveries with Star Lanka.

About Star Lanka
Incorporated in the year 1985, Star Lanka is an online marketplace for gemstones. It features a sizeable selection of the finest quality gemstones at the best prices for buyers in Thailand, Hong Kong, China and the world. Lately, Star Lanka is catching the attention of buyers wanting to shop for Rubellite stone or looking for Paraiba tourmaline loose stones.

Contact Information:
Company Name: Star Lanka
BANGKOK, THAILAND 322, Suite 52,
Bangkok Gem & Jewelry Tower
Suriwong Road, Bangrak
Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Phone: +66 (2) 235 6954

B8, 14th Floor, Hankow Centre,
Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 9194 9235

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