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Patrick Saada, Diamond Specialist, Adds to List of Achievements with an Online Jewelry Shop

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Updated 12:57 PM CDT, Thu, May 24,2018

Ramat Gan, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/24/2018 -- Patrick Saada is a name which has become synonymous with diamonds, especially with the launching of his own company, Infinite Diam, more than 4 years ago. But Patrick Saada hasn't stopped there – he has recently added to his list of achievements with a new online jewelry shop he has launched with Galith, his daughter.

Patrick Saada has been able to achieve many things in his long years in the diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing industry, and one of his most notable achievements is the founding of Infinite Diam, based in the center of the International Diamond Exchange in Israel, which he runs and operates with his family. In fact, Infinite Diam is completely owned by Patrick Saada and his family.

But Patrick Saada has other prominent achievements as well. One of these achievements is Galdiam, which is a house dedicated to diamond jewelry. As the website of Patrick Saada confirms, "Galdiam is a house for fine diamond jewelry. Via its e-commerce platform and its unique position in the diamond industry, Galdiam's mission is to bring its clients closer in the process, eliminating middlemen and markups."

Another noteworthy achievement of Patrick Saada's is Octea Ltd, where Patrick Saada himself is the vice chairman and chief marketing officer. Octea Ltd is another company involved in the diamond sector, and it boasts of mineral investments and interests in Sierra Leone. Technically speaking, Octea Ltd is a subsidiary of BSGR, or BSG Resources, which is known as the resources section of BSG, or the Beny Steinmetz Group. BSG is another private investment group with international headquarters that focuses on natural resources, asset management, finance, real estate, and, of course, diamonds.

But there is one recent achievement that is close to Patrick Saada's heart. In 2017, Patrick Saada became more involved in the diamond industry with the launching of Galith, an online jewelry shop, which is managed and operated by his own daughter Galith, who the jewelry shop is named after. Galith the jewelry shop specializes in diamonds, but what makes it different from other diamond jewelry specialists is its emphasis on customized jewelry, specifically diamond engagement rings.

At Galith the shop, customers who are aiming for something very unique can request customized diamond engagement rings, which will be designed according to their specifications. Galith, Patrick Saada's daughter, has been specially-trained as a gemologist in New York's GIA, and her focus is to make high-quality diamond jewelry completely accessible to everyone and not just to a select few.

About Patrick Saada
Patrick Saada's name has been associated with diamonds – trading, mining, and manufacturing – for a long time. Today, Patrick Saada ventures further into diamond jewelry with daughter Galith. To acquire more info about Patrick Saada and his specialties, visit the Patrick Saada site.

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