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NuvoH2O Advises on the Benefits of Water Softening for Better Holiday Entertaining

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Updated 12:46 PM CDT, Mon, October 28,2019

Clearfield, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2019 -- Homeowners who have noticed the negative effects of hard water in their homes are encouraged to consider installing a salt-free water softener system from NuvoH2O in time for the holiday season.

There are many benefits to water softening all year round, but especially around the holidays, when homes are filled with family members, friends and other out-of-town visitors. Homes with hard water might not make for the most comfortable environment for guests, whether they're coming over for dinner or staying overnight.

The high concentration of minerals in hard water can make it more difficult for dishwashers and washing machines to get dishes and laundry completely clean. This results in cloudy glasses and spotty silverware, as well as stiff towels and sheets. Additionally, hard water stains in toilets, sinks, tubs and showers are difficult to remove without the proper cleaning products while taking a shower in hard water can dry out hair and skin, leaving it brittle or irritated and even covered with an uncomfortable film.

A salt-free water softening system from NuvoH2O alleviates all these concerns. Through a revolutionary process, these systems bind and isolate the calcium and magnesium ions that cause hard water, preventing the build-up of mineral scale. NuvoH2O water softeners also lower the pH of water, providing a home with a supply of soft water that's gentle on appliances, skin and hair.

Homeowners interested in installing a hard water softener in time for the holiday season are encouraged to contact NuvoH2O at 877-688-6426 or visit the company's website at to view their full selection of products and place an online order today.

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NuvoH2O is the top choice for homeowners who want an eco-friendly and affordable way to treat their hard water and enjoy all the benefits that salt-free soft water offers. The company features easy-to-maintain salt-free water softener systems that are used by homes and commercial properties across the country to provide clean and healthful salt-free soft water. For more information, please visit their website at

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