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Newly Launched Watch Brand for Adventurers Sets Its Sight on the Global Market

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Updated 10:11 AM CST, Wed, January 16,2019

Manama, Bahrain -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2019 -- The founders of Nuun – a brand of watches for adventurers, are three friends with a serious case of wanderlust and thirst for adventure, which drives them to seek thrilling adventures in far-fetched places around the world, and allowing them to experience the ecstasy of unexpected escapades and braving what may come. Recently, the trio shared the journey of developing the distinct Nuun line of watches, how they launched a brand that offers versatile, durable and stylish watches created by master watchmakers delivered to customers in various countries around the world.

The idea for the Nuun watches came to the three childhood friends during a trip to a small island off the coast of Bahrain, when they identified a niche for purposeful versatile luxury timepieces for adventurers. This need pushed the trio into coming up with a design for a versatile watch with unique, reliable, and durable style.

The spokesperson for Nuun elaborated, "The Nuun watch was conceptualized to be timepieces that could go anywhere and do anything. Our aim was to come up with a watch that could stand up to any challenge we would throw at it. Despite begin on a trip, the design process for the watches began immediately, although the name had not yet been given, Nuun was conceived! So you could say that the "eureka!" moment for the watches came during an adventure."

The design process continued for six months after the trip during which various fundamental elements of the Nuun watches were added, including four additional dials, each inspired by the Arabian land in which they were born and raised. In the next phase, manufacturers from around the world were contacted in search of the one with the ability to provide sustainable materials at an affordable price bound together by high quality manufacturing. After collaborating with the right manufacturer, the trio was finally able to bring their concept to life.

"The versatility of the watches is one of the most important facets of the Nuun design, combined with a stylish yet distinct look that is the result of the yearning to break out of the conformity that surrounded the developers of Nuun. They envisioned a watch with no boundaries. A celebration of tradition and culture presented with the carefree elegance of island life." – The spokesperson further said.

The name "Nuun" was the last piece of the puzzle, the line of watches were appropriately named after the Nuun island, a small island off the coast of Bahrain and to the time of day between morning and afternoon; noon.

The Nuun timepieces were made for adventure lovers worldwide, which is why the watches are available through representatives worldwide including the US and through the official website.

About NUUN
NUUN is a watch brand founded by three childhood friends who love to travel. Nuun watches are versatile with unique, reliable, and durable style perfect of adventurers.

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