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KOUBOO Rattan Furniture: Helping Women Across the World to Improve Community Livelihood

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Updated 11:21 AM CST, Wed, November 22,2017

South Laguna, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/22/2017 -- KOUBOO, a California based home decor and furniture online retailer, is now helping women across the world to improve the livelihood of their communities through the sale of traditionally crafted products.

Most of the items being sold at KOUBOO's website have been sourced from traditional artisans across the world, mostly women, who have cultivated and maintained their craft from generation to generation. The online retailer sells a wide range of home decor and furniture items made using traditional materials such as rattan and wood. The products are manufactured using an ingenious combination of natural readily available materials and good design skills to create elegant one-of-a-kind products.

A Noble Approach to Business

What gives the retailer's business a more noble meaning is the fact that they are promoting women from different corners of the world eke a living and improve the economy of their local communities. For every item a customer buys at KOUBOO, the proceeds go to helping women around the world.

"In the search for unique furniture and decor items, we have traveled across the world and discovered that women are indeed the backbone of most societies but hardly recognized for their efforts, says Joey, one of the founders of KOUBOO. "When you buy a product from our site, you help by providing a livelihood for families with very modest lifestyles," he adds. Purchasing KOUBOO products also ensures that century-old craft traditions are preserved.

Most of the items sold at KOUBOO website are manufactured in small traditional workshops and homes using skills learned from ancestors. The artisans either depend on their craft for livelihood or supplement it with other subsistence economic activities such as farming or rearing animals. They have extremely limited opportunities.

According to Joey, the KOUBOO co-founder, selling products from local artisans improves their lives by "first respecting the time and efforts spent on creating the rattan items and secondly sharing their great handiwork with the entire world."

KOUBOO has even started sending part of its profits to a non-profit organization known as KIVA that empowers women across the world with small loans to help make a difference in their lives. "When you purchase an item through KOUBOO, you help us empower entrepreneurial people in need of a small financial boost," says Joey.

KOUBOO is an online retailer of rare exotic home decor and furniture pieces designed to spice up your home in a unique style. The exquisite items sold by KOUBOO make great additions to kitchen and bathroom decor as well as the dining and living areas.

The name KOUBOO comes from the Filipino word "Kubo" that describes a house made entirely from palm leaves and bamboo. The online retailer features some of the best rattan-made pieces of furniture available today including rattan tables, rattan chairs, stools, and cabinets. Together with his partner, Patrice, Joey has demonstrated to the world that one can sell unique, country-style pieces of furniture and still give back to the society in a noble community empowering way. Their interest goes beyond styling interiors to making the world a better place for everyone.

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