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Updated 9:50 AM CST, Thu, February 15,2018

Gear and Equipment for Gathering, Spearing, Netting, Angling and Trapping

Friona, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/15/2018 -- Catch of the Day Gear is pleased to present their latest range of high quality fishing gear and equipment for hobbyists and enthusiasts. Fishing expeditions are incomplete without the proper gear. One has to select their gear very carefully. When it comes to fishing tackle, one has pay attention to quality more than price. There are a lot of cheaper rods available in the market but they don't often last long or function well. But the mid-level and high priced rods work absolutely fine and also last long. Many people have different fishing needs. For those who are just hobbyists can go for normal sized rods. But enthusiasts who always want to catch a bigger fish must buy longer rods that are good for casting a little farther away and they will also provide more leverage during fish reeling.

The other characteristics are rod stiffness and taper. The stiffness plays an important role while aiming for larger fish. Rods with extra stiffness can cast heavy lures and thereby help in catching heavy fish. And when it comes to tapers, fast tapers have better lifting power than slow tapers. Reels are the most crucial parts of the equipment especially when the big fish is the target. They should always be selected based on the drag system and their durability. The spinning reels best suit the beginners as they are simple to use.

This site offers everything that is needed for a fishing expedition. Fishing rods, reels, nets and tools, lures, soft baits, tackles, tackle boxes and more. With summer just around the corner many people will plan their fishing trips in the near future. And what's a trip without the proper gear? Fishing is an excellent pastime and a fantastic way to relax with friends and catch up on old times. Before heading out to the favorite fishing hole, fishing enthusiasts should carry all that is needed which includes a well-stocked tackle box. From lines to hooks, bobbers to sinkers, plastic worms to needle nose pliers, this site is a one-stop shop for all things fishing.

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Catch of the Day Gear, based at San Francisco, CA is an online store that offers a wide range of fishing gear for gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping.

Catch of the Day Gear

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