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Gas Fireplace Inserts, Wood Fireplace Inserts, and Pellet Stove Inserts Instantly Improve Fireplace Efficiency and Are Showcased at Colorado Fireplace Stores

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Updated 12:14 PM CDT, Fri, August 03,2018

Colorado Fireplace stores feature fireplace inserts for gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, and pellet stoves because the fireplace insert technology takes a drafty old inefficient fireplace to an efficient and aesthetically modern source of warmth

Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2018 -- Decades ago every home had a similar fireplace, essentially a source of heat primarily, and if it looked appealing within the home, that was a bonus. How times have changed! When choosing a heating solution for a home or business there are many more factors to consider than the type of fuel to be used. Fireplace inserts are available for different types of fireplace and basically convert an outdated inefficient and often drafty fireplace into a sleek self-contained unit which is able to burn fuel more efficiently and direct more of the heat generated into the living space, rather than losing valuable heat through the chimney.

Creating a closed combustion system maximizes the efficiency of the fuel burning, and with increased efficiency, less fuel is required to generate the same heating result. This can translate into lower utility bills. The insert can be thought of as a fireproof box. The experts at Western Fireplace Supply Colorado fireplace stores are able to advise which type of box is best for each client, metal or ceramic. The Firebrick ceramic boxes showcased in their stores has several potential advantages over a more traditional metal box. These include a realistic brick-like appearance, being impervious to rust and oxidation, no creaks and clicks as the box heats and cools, and up to 25% more heat generated from the same amount of fuel compared to a metal box (comparing fireplaces of equal size and BTU output).

Determining the goals for a heating solution should be a primary consideration. Are there other sources of heat? How big is the area that needs to be heated? Is zone heating going to be a favored approach? How will the investment affect the value of the property? How long will the client occupy the property to realize the subsequent savings? All of these questions drive which fireplace is optimal and how much should the investment be.

In addition to custom fireplaces, Western Fireplace Supply also stock wood burning stoves, pellet burning stoves, gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts (gas fireplace inserts, wood fireplace inserts, and pellet fireplace inserts), wood burning fireplaces, gas logs. Their team of experts are able to help find the ideal heating solution or decorative fireplace for residential and commercial properties.

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Operating since 1983, Western Fireplace Supply has seen many changes in fireplace design and technology in the decades since. They bring their depth of knowledge and the highest standards to offer a wide range of products including gas fire pit inserts, fireplaces, wood burning stoves, gas fireplace inserts, fireplace vents, venting/chimney pipes, glass doors and gas logs. Heating solutions are unique to each living space and customer. Their team of experienced professionals can help find the perfect wood burning stove for a cottage in the woods or a sleek Da Vinci custom fireplace for the most stylish and elegant apartment. More than just a showroom, Western Fireplace Supply has installers who are extensively trained and certified, they understand the complexity involved and place customer safety paramount. With three Colorado fireplace stores in Colorado Springs, Avon and Fort Collins, Western Fireplace Supply has helped more people find heating solutions for their homes than any other Colorado fireplace store.

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