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Finally, Organic Bedding for Those with Sensitive Skin or Allergies

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Updated 8:15 PM CST, Mon, November 19,2018

Tokyo, Japan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2018 -- Inspired to bring the powerful benefits of traditional Japanese indigo-dyed fabrics into the modern age, a new company, Aizome Bedding, (, is introducing organic bed linen to provide a unique and healthy sleep experience. There a strong reasons why we should celebrate the comeback of natural dyes like indigo: They are the most gentle textiles for the growing number of people with sensitive skin and allergies, and they greatly reduce the enormous harm that conventional dyeing does to environment. And the concerns that natural dyes tend to be less colorfast, seems to have been solved by this Tokyo-based startup with a new exciting dyeing technology.

The company's products are environmentally friendly and produced without employing toxic chemical dyes that can irritate the skin and lead to potential health problems. Aizome Bedding uses the leaves of the Asian indigo naturalis plant that provides its bedding products unique color, medicinal properties, and low environmental impact. Aizome updates a centuries-old Japanese dyeing technique through using a cutting-edge ultrasound technology in developing uniquely colorfast and chemical-free textiles. This gives the company one of the lowest environmental impacts of any textile in production, with virtually no waste water in their dyeing process. Put this in comparison with up to 10.000 liter of fresh water being used for a bedding set that was chemically dyed.

"Most people think their skin is an impenetrable barrier, but it absorbs a lot of what we touch through a process called dermal absorption," said Michel May, founder of Aizome Bedding. "Now consider that a third of an average person's life is spent in bed. That represents a lot of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals such as azo dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde or flame retardants (PBDEs) used in the production of the average set of pillowcases, sheets, and comforters. You don't have to worry about any of this with our natural indigo dye. The Japanese have done this for millennia."

Another key aspect of Aizome Bedding's products is that they are highly certified for quality by OEKO-TEX and GOTS. They use of organically sourced GOTS certified cotton fabric that has not been grown with any toxic chemicals, pesticides or GMOs. The effective combination of the natural indigo dye and organic cotton provides Aizome bedding with hypoallergenic qualities, eliminating dust, detritus, oil and dust mites from building up in a sleeping environment, and preventing anyone with sensitivity to dust materials from experiencing bad reactions.

Benefits of the company's bed linen include:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The anti-inflammatory properties of indigo naturalis have been scientifically proven.

Antibacterial Properties: The antibacterial properties of natural indigo prevent harmful bacteria from collecting in bedding.

Extremely Environmentally Friendly: The process of dyeing with natural indigo uses 200 times less water than chemical dyeing, and waste water is used to fertilize fields.

Hypoallergenic production: Aizome's bedding is manufactured using allergy- resistant material.

Organically Produced: Aizome's products are made using organic, non-GMO materials.

No Synthetic Chemicals: Promotes health by removing harmful chemicals from your sleeping environment.

Durability: The oldest surviving textiles in the world are dyed with natural indigo, which coats and protects textile yarn. In addition, Aizome Bedding has no wear and tear parts such as buttons, rubber bands or zippers, and can potentially last for decades.

Aizome Bedding has previously launched Indiegogo campaign that surpassed its funding goal by 800%. Their second campaign on Kickstarter rocketed past 200% in just one day and will run until December 14. Aizome Bedding was also widely covered in the media.

About Aizome Bedding
Aizome Bedding is a Tokyo-based startup addressing modern skin and sleeping problems with traditional Japanese knowledge. Conventional bed linen using chemical dyes allow various pathogenic irritants (such as bed mites) to thrive. Aizome (the Japanese art of dyeing with natural indigo) has been used to treat skin problems for centuries and today indigo is used as a strong antibacterial agent providing anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Aizome Bedding offers the best sleeping conditions for people who care about healthy skin, better sleep and the environment.

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