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EzWand Provides Remote Controlled Blinds for Homes and Offices

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Updated 11:45 AM CDT, Thu, July 12,2018

San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2018 -- EzWand has entirely changed the concept of how individuals, families, and offices can transform their traditional blinds to modern and luxurious remote-controlled blinds. The team of technology specialists is on record for inventing the Easy Wand-a motored wand which comes ready for instant installation and uses without requiring any special tools. EzWand is driven by simplicity, affordability, and convenience which is their promise and guarantee to all their clients.

Speaking about the installation and use of their Easy Wand, the Marketing Director said, "Our package comes complete with all the required items in the box for a do it yourself installation. The base package includes a remote, one receiver wand, and three adapters to suit different brands of blinds. All you have to do is take the current wand and replace it with our motored wand which is designed to fit all blinds. Once you are done, the next step is to peel and stick the plastic adapter, be pressing it firmly to complete the set-up. This completes the installation, and you are now free to use the remote to open and close the blinds."

The hassles of having an automatic blind opener have greatly been simplified and made more accessible by EzWand to all individuals across the United States. The company runs an e-commerce website where clients can make an order at any time and have their package delivered to their destinations. EzWand's solution is a far step away from the expensive custom window blinds which for long have been a privilege of only a few besides being less efficient and costly.

Responding to inquiries on the benefits of their motorized wands, the Sales Manager said, "On average, the costs for a custom made window blind will costs you hundreds of dollars with the cost going up for each extra foot of window space. After that, you will have to pay a technician for the installation and an additional amount if you want the unit hardwired. Our wands, on the other hand, allow you to motorize your blinds at a fixed price and require no additional costs once you have bought them as they contain everything needed for their functionality. You will also have the freedom to remove them in case you have to change premises, unlike custom blinds which are fixed to a particular window."

The luxury of raising or lowering a blind using a remote has never been much better than with EzWand's window blind wand. A working distance of up to 45 feet away further enhances its performance as clients do not have to get too close for it to function. Scalability is another core distinction extended by EzWand to all their customers as they can have the pleasures of controlling up to 24 blinds with a single remote.

About EzWand
EzWand is providing a solution to creating a perfect home and office setting by giving clients a chance to motorize and automate their window blinds by simply replacing their wand with the Easy Wand.

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Telephone Number: 716-539-9263

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