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Asian Top Polarized Sunglasses Has Strongly Landed on American and European Market

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Updated 9:00 PM CDT, Sun, August 05,2018

Cai Ray Sunglasses has landed on American and European Amazon, leading the sunglasses market, facing the market with high standards and embracing it with fashionable design

Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2018 -- Cai Ray Sunglasses, the global leading sunglasses manufacturer and its ten-year brand flagship store, have recently landed on US and Europe Amazon. It specialized in providing European and American customers with a wide range of sunglasses products. Its design motto is to combine avant-garde ideology and oriental classical aesthetics, making sunglasses that suit westerners better.

Cai Ray (1870-1958) is a legendary Five-star General, educator, socialite, "the American top 10 iconic figure". The eyeglasses named after him are the very embodiment of self-esteem, optimism, benevolence, the Cai Ray qualities. In 2009, Cai Ray Sunglasses landed on Shenzhen, the sunglasses capital of China. Time flies like an arrow, but the spirits of Cai Ray endure. What Cai Ray sunglasses bring about, is the "Cai Ray" sunglasses named after the general himself, aiming at saluting the general's everlasting legacy.

The brand name comes from America. Fashion, sensitivity, elegance, leisure are among Cai Ray's labels. The designers have their roots in Italy, HK and Shenzhen, providing you with a rich assortment of collection for your choice, each one of which has been tailored specifically to fit the face of westerner. Each and every piece of the sunglasses has been dotted with the Cai Ray logo, announcing the wearer's taste and figure. It is a piece of artwork that has combine perfection in design as well and excellence in manufacturing.

A good piece of sunglasses should be able to reduce excessive exposure to light, offering protection against ultraviolet radiation. Generally speaking, lens labeled as "UV 400" or "100% UV absorption" can reflect or filter out radiation up to 400 nm, or almost all UV. This Cai Ray resin eyeglasses can effectively reduce exposure to "UV 400" and other harmful radiation, thus protecting eyes from harm. We have various sizes for selection, suitable for both women and men.

Polarized lens, made of Polaroid polarized plastic sheeting, can reduce glare caused by light reflected from non-metallic surfaces such as water, moist road and sandy surface. When light reaches the surface of water, the majority is reflected from the surface, manifesting as bright light or glare. Most horizontal motion will be reflected, thus become known as polarized reflection. This Cai Ray polarized sunglasses provide several layers of protection, effectively filtering eyes harming glare, softening the reflection, reducing light reflected from water, road surface and other objects, and blocking sun ray, thus keeping eyes cool and comfortable.

About Shenzhen Cai Ray Glasses Ltd. Co.
Since its launch, the Cai Ray sunglasses brand never cease to progress; it won the 2013 National Light Industries Eyeglasses Information Center's "Brand of Potential" for the year. Besides, Cai Ray brand appeared on both Shanghai International Sunglasses Expo and Beijing International Sunglasses Expo and draw a lot of attention. In the expos, Cai Ray impressed the global guests with its innovative exhibition position design and state-of-art manufacturing quality, thus placing its future on a firm footing. In the year of 2012, Cai Ray sunglasses hit the market with product that are more fashionable and better in quality, Cai Ray sunglasses have very high quality lens. The sunglasses are made of carbide and oil-proof polarized TAC lens, gradient colorful nylon glasses. Cai Ray always has its eyes on the future, will spare no effort to serve global customers with better quality product and support.

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