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Are There More Cosmetic Procedures Being Done Today Than in the Past

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Updated 2:58 PM CDT, Wed, May 29,2019

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2019 -- There's no getting away from the fact that, from the beginning of film and television, maybe even before that, glamour and beauty began creeping into every facet of modern day life. Today, having a cosmetic procedure done is viewed as commonplace as opposed to fifty years ago, when it was considered "unnatural". Certainly, our views have changed, but the question is: with acceptance into mainstream culture, are there more cosmetic procedures being done today as opposed to a few years ago?

As of 2017, there has been an overall increase of five percent in surgical cosmetic procedures, but what about general procedures? The year 2017 also saw another study done, which showed that all cosmetic procedures increased by nine percent, which includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures. So, it does appear that more people want to have a beauty-oriented enhancement done today!

Not only that, but five countries out there actually lead the world in cosmetic procedures. These five actually do about forty-one percent of all of the procedures and treatments in the world! It's no surprise that the USA tops the list with almost eighteen percent of all the world's cosmetic treatments being done within their borders, but some of the others might surprise you: Brazil isn't far behind America with just over ten percent. Japan, Italy, and Mexico round out the list with numbers in the single digits.

That five of the countries dominate the world's cosmetic procedures isn't the only news that surprises. There are actually twenty-four countries that make up the lion's share of the procedures done worldwide, but a quarter of the procedures done in the world are elsewhere. So, how many countries do these treatments? The answer is that just about all of them have at least a few done.

The results of this are a demand for worldwide access to these procedures and the drugs needed in those same treatments. Not surprisingly, there are now many new sites popping up on the Internet, ready to fill those voids and help people find the procedures they're looking for them. One of these new websites is Anna's Cosmetics, which has realized the need to assist people in finding the treatments they want, along with several other beauty aids.

The need to enhance is here, and there's no denying it. We now live in a world where people are free and willing to access numerous procedures to make themselves feel better about themselves. With all the people out there clamoring for a treatment, procedure, or just something to help them lose weight, it's become clear that companies like Anna's Cosmetics are here to stay!

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