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A New Bristol Foodie Platform Called Appetiton Is to Be Released to Reduce the Cost of Eating out by Up to 50%

With the high cost of living, low wages and rising university fees, students and people on a low wage are struggling to survive. According to official reports, more people than ever before are turning to Pay Day loan companies while fewer people can enjoy the luxury of eating out. A new platform called Appetiton may not reduce tuition fees, cost of living or force employers to pay a living wage, but it can provide an affordable eating out solution.

TG Wastewater Encourages Homeowners to Care for Their Septic Systems During Septic Smart Week

TG wastewater is launching its second annual "Septic Smart Week". Septic Smart Week outreach steps to motivate homeowners and societies to take proper care and maintenance of their septic systems. Almost one quarter of U.S. households rely on septic tank systems to deal with their wastewater.

The House of Hans Boodt Mannequin to Strike Up Multi-Million Deal with Retail Stores

It has been revealed that the fashion merchandizing industry depends heavily on mannequins. Fashion is all about the visuals and these products offer the maximum attraction when it comes to the visual merchandising. Leading designers have also revealed how these figurines give that added appeal to the clothes that are kept on display for sale.

Amazon Announce the USpot Best LED Flashlight Has Been Given a Discounted Price

Gadget reviewers have called The USpot Mini LED Flashlight the Best LED Flashlight on the market, it has received so much media attention it has become one of the biggest sellers on Amazon. As part of the success of the product, USpot today announced they have put a discounted price on their popular product to say thank you to all their customers.

House Envy Launches New Online Store to Help People Create the Ultimate House Envy

Home furnishings are one of the best ways for people to be able to express themselves. Those who are house proud love to see a look of envy fall across their friends' faces when they enter a new space for the first time, seeing it brought together by tasteful collections of innovative items. House Envy is a website designed to help people master this ability, and has been newly launched by a successful bricks and mortar store to make their offerings available to everyone. The site offers a clean cut catalogue of new arrivals, seasonal collections and more.

Urban Watch Straps Expands Range of NATO Watch Straps to Hit the Hot New Trend of 2015

The watch is, by modern standards, an arcane device. It offers a single function usually mechanically derived. Yet the heritage and legacy of the watch is one that has seen it become a status symbol, finding a life of its own as a premium fashion item. While a watch lasts forever, fashion changes rapidly. To keep pace, Urban Watch Straps is offering people the opportunity to use interchangeable straps. They have just launched a new range for this season's spring and summer colors.

Smart Device Users Bid Farewell to "Dead Batteries" with DaSi

Many people would agree, there are few things as aggravating as having a battery go dead on a smartphone or tablet, when it's needed most and there's no easy way to get it charged. Fortunately, there's now an effective and affordable resource that can leave these types of problems in the past, the PaSi Pnverbank, an external battery for multiple smartphones and devices, that uses a simple USB port to quickly get them recharged again. DaSi recently announced they are offering a 30% off coupon code to shoppers who would like to give the external battery a try. The early response from customers has been remarkable.

The USpot Best LED Flashlight Has Been Given a Discount Price on Amazon

Gadget reviewers have called The USpot Mini LED Flashlight the Best LED Flashlight on the market, it has received so much media attention it has become one of the biggest sellers on Amazon. As part of the success of the product, USpot today announced they have put a discounted price on their popular product to say thank you to all their customers.

Casavva Team out of Brooklyn on a Quest to Crowdfund a Better Casual Shirt

LogoThe button-down shirt is an essential in every guy's wardrobe – it's classy, comfortable and versatile to countless different outfits. However, the selection out there can be disappointing. Most of our wardrobes have shirts that are too boxy, too loud, lacking in useful design features or made of thin, cheap material on a mass production line. That's what inspired the team at Casavva to embark on a journey to create that perfect, go-to shirt with well-researched design, immense attention to detail and only the best quality materials and craftsmanship, all done here in America.

White Worldwide, LLC Launches Website Featuring Fine Jewelry

LogoHoward White is excited to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide range of fine jewelry including earrings, necklaces, wedding bands, engagement rings, and other jewelry for fancy occasions. White was inspired to start his website by his own love of jewelry. He has always been fascinated by jewelry and thinks that jewelry is key to bringing out the beauty in a woman. He wanted to provide his customers with jewelry that they might want for a range of different occasions.

DR Ventures, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality ATV Helmets

LogoDavid Riedel is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide range of helmet options including full face helmets, ATV helmets, motocross helmets, and dirt bike helmets. Riedel decided to start his website because he saw a need for this type of helmet on the internet. Since he is a motorcyclist, he knows how important it can be to have a good quality helmet on this kind of a vehicle. His website offers the quality helmets that customers need at more affordable prices.

Window Armor Releases New iPhone 6 Compatible Toughened Glass Full Screen Protector

Screen protectors are often frustrating and even ineffective. Many film-based screen protectors inevitably bubble and lose their static attraction over time, causing them to peel at the edges, where the screen is most vulnerable. They provide some protection from scratches but little if any protection from impacts. Window Armor offers a superior alternative, in tempered glass screen protectors that protect from impact and scratches with no bubbling and no maintenance required. Window Armor has now designed a tempered glass screen protector perfect for the iPhone 6, which follows on from their best-selling iPhone 5 item.

Mike Newcombe Seeks Support from Kickstarter to Start Commercial Production of DirtTea

LogoThe benefits of using compost tea as soil conditioner are known to all since many years. Compost teas maximize nutrient absorption to make the plants stronger and healthier. However, this benefit is not available in any of the chemical fertilizers that are readily available in the market. Mike Newcombe has developed DirtTea, a specially conditioned soil conditioner that can provide the ultimate nutrition to all growing plants.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 2,800 Chevrolet Colorado Products

LogoFriday Jan. 29th kicked off the 2015 Pennsylvania Auto Show, and one vehicle that was featured at the event was the 2015 Chevy Colorado. Additionally, the Chevy Colorado was also voted as the 2015 Motor Trend truck of the year. Therefore, for those who own this award-winning midsize pickup truck and would like to find high-quality yet affordable replacement auto parts to keep their Colorado in tip-top condition, can turn to In fact, this leading online auto parts retailer is now offering over 2,800 Chevrolet Colorado auto parts and accessories.

Proelegante Announces Official Launch of Luxury Plush Eye Mask, Now Available Exclusively on Amazon Marketplace

Proelegante, one of the leading online retailers of high quality sleeping masks is pleased to announce the official worldwide launch of its new product "Luxury Plush Eye Mask," exclusively on Amazon. Quite different from a traditional sleeping mask, the Luxury Plush Eye Mask with its superior built and design, delivers better sleep and comfort to the user. It is made out of highly soft and breathable material, which gives an extra comfort to the eye and skin. Moreover, its soft Velcro strap allows it to fit all head sizes.

Jack and Jill Kidswear Cuts Prices by 50% on Wide Range of Top Designer Clothing

Jack and Jill Kidswear, one of the country's top suppliers of high-quality designer children's clothing, announced that the company is holding a special winter sale. With prices slashed by 50% on a wide selection of children's clothing from top designers like Catimini, Emile et Rose, Levi's, Mayoral, and Pampolina, there has never been a better time to outfit children of any age. For more than 50 years, Jack and Jill Kidswear has offered a superb selection of designer children's clothing at unbeatable prices, also serving online shoppers with industry-leading customer service at since 2006.

New Heated Vest Is Lightweight, Attractive and Versatile

There are many ways to stay warm when you're outside during wintertime. Not too many of them are lightweight and fashionable.

Gifts2Manila Releases Reasons on Why OFWs Choose Them

LogoGifts2Manila recently became popular for releasing a service that proves to be beneficial to OFWs. Before, these people have no way to send gifts to the Philippines. In fact, they have to content themselves with balikbayan boxes or sending gifts even with the extremely high international fees just to get some gifts across borders. But with Gifts2Manila, it is now easy for them to send gifts to the Philippines.

Send a Surprise on Valentine's Day with Special 100 Roses Arrangement from Regalo Manila

LogoValentine's Day is coming and people are clearly running out of time to come up with some perfect gift ideas for their loved ones. Because of this problem, Regalo Manila has released some beautiful flower arrangements comprising of 100 roses. From round bouquets to intricately made heart arrangements, Regalo Manila made sure to pack its website with 100-rose arrangements that will interest even those people with the most discriminating taste.

Regalo Manila's Exclusive Flower Delivery Services for Valentines

LogoWant To Send valentines Flower Philippines? With Regalo Manila's exclusive flower delivery services, it is now possible to send flowers to the Philippines even if the sender is from another country. Through the power of one website (, people from all over the world can now treat their loved ones to a bouquet of fresh and beautiful flowers come Valentine's Day. They just need to know how to utilize the website's unique services.

How to Send Gifts to the Philippines from Regalo PH

LogoWhen it comes to sending gifts to the Philippines, people have lots of options to choose from. Here is a quick guide to sending gifts to the Philippines from Regalo PH.

Mexico Trade Center Introduces Maya BBQ at Ambiente Fair

Mexico Trade Center introduces the new Maya Stone BBQ at the Ambiente fair on Feb 13-17 in Frankfurt, Germany. Ambiente is the biggest trade fair for consumer goods in the world. It boasts a wide range of dining, living, and giving consumer products. Many new products, ideas, and trends can be found in this trade fair.

Unique Flower Arrangement: Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

For those people who want to enjoy the beauty of a flower bouquet and the sweetness of chocolates, there is now an answer. This is the Ferrero Rocher bouquet that makes the receiver feel like he or she has received some flowers and chocolates in one.

PHFlower Gets Ready for Valentine's Day

Flowers and Valentine's Day cannot really be separated. In fact, this is the time of the year when orders of flowers are multiplied tenfold. And this is not only true in the Philippines for it is also true all over the world.

PHFlower Releases New Flower Arrangements for Valentine's Day

PHFlower is an ever evolving website that caters to OFWs and foreigners who live outside of the Philippines. They offer an online flower shop where they allow anyone from any part of the world to order in exchange for the service of sending their flowers locally. But even if they have already received the trust of their customers, they still make it a point to improve.