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Luxury Bazaar Announces New Models of Audemars Piguet Watches Available

LogoLuxury Bazaar, the internet jewelry retailer that is based out of Philadelphia, is pleased to announce that new models of the Audemars Piguet watches have been added to their inventory. The company specializes in offering high-end jewelry and timepieces below retail price value. Customers who love to collect luxury watches are invited to shop the Audemars Piguet selection available at Luxury Bazaar. The Audemars Piguet brand has been one of the business's bestselling products.

The UDI RC U839 RC Quad Copter Is King of the Skies

LogoThe skies are crowded these days with many remote controlled flying machines and drones. But with all that turbulence there is one that soars above the competition. The UDI RC U839 2.4G 3D Nano RC Quad Copter offers both new and experienced pilots alike a 6 axis stabilized quad copter that is capable of loops and high speed flight. It's not only a fun toy that sports a cool UFO look, but a serious flyer as well offering 2 flight modes for enhanced performance.

Bedford Collection Set to Launch New Jeans That NEVER Rip

'BKB Jeans Co,' a renowned company dealing in quality garments is all set to launch 'jeans that don't rip.' The production of stock has already started and will be available to customers in coming two to three months. The jeans are made of high quality fabrics using advance techniques that avoid ripping and increases the life of denim by 400 percent. Special cotton lycra blend is also used for better stretch and that also aids in preventing ripping. Announces Gift Card Giving Day, the company that allows nonprofit organizations to collect gift cards and merchandise credits from their donor base and turn them into cash donations, today announced the first annual Gift Card Giving Day with partner, Gift Card Giving Day (GCGD) is designed to provide donors with an innovative way to give back and support a good cause.

New Reports Say Blind Cords Are Dangerous and Must Be Regulated

LogoIt's not widely known that between 1996 and 2012, over 180 children died as a result of strangulation from a window treatment cord. Or that over 100 more were reported to have injuries due to this same contraption. This cording has been known to be unattractive, but that is the least of American parents' worries. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, at least one child death every month is directly related to unsafe cording from window blinds and treatments. These cords are nationally known to be one of the top five dangers in American homes.

Leading UK Retailer of Bridesmaid Dresses Urdessy Announces Revamped Website for Smoother Customer Shopping Experience

Make no mistake, shopping for a bridesmaid dress is serious business. A wedding is certainly a day when every woman wants to impress and look her absolute best. The good news, is thanks to one of the UK's leading online retailers of bridesmaid, wedding and cocktail dresses Urdessy, getting a wonderful, well made dress is more affordable than ever. The company recently announced, responding to customer requests, that they have upgraded their website layout to include new easily browsed categories for a smooth and fluid customer shopping experience.

China Guitar Experts Launch Website

Guitarists have a very special bond with their guitar; it is the only way they can express their feelings, hopes and ideas. A guitar is not just a guitar; it is their soul and so in most cases such people have their own idea of what their guitar should be like. But normally having a custom guitar designed and made just for oneself can be a costly affair. So, for those people who have an idea of what their guitar should be like can get one custom made at this online China Guitar store.

Instyle Seating Now Offers Maggie Chairs at the Most Competitive Prices

Preserving their top position as the leading provider of fashionable furniture like cafe tables and chairs, Instyle Seating is now offering their new range of Maggie chairs at the most competitive prices. The Maggie chairs that the company is providing are crafted to perfection utilizing solid ash timber and commercial quality fabric that provide comfortable seating. Besides this, individuals can also get these chairs in a variety of colors through the company's online portal. Being fashionable and classy, these chairs can be utilized in any corner of the home to brighten even the dullest of spaces.

Dual USB Rapid Car Charger Launched by New Company with a Focus on Prosumers

LogoWith an eye on the needs of busy consumers in need of safeguarding their valuable devices, a new company launches a must-have on Amazon. Designed with a high-end flare, the Boomer Dual USB Rapid Car Charger is one of the fastest on the market with intelligent chip technology built right in. Why is this important? The company reports that not all car chargers are created equal and consumers need to beware. Unregulated high voltage chargers can damage expensive gear. Boomer's optimal design allows for the regulation of power to costly smartphones and tablets that without it, run the risk of "frying"., a Supplier of Customized Promotional Products, Now Offers Personalized Pens

For a business to succeed, it needs to reach its target audience. Potential customers needs to be made aware of the products or services that a company is offering. This is known as marketing., a customized promotional products supplier, now offers a wide range of personalized pens. It is very important to choose the right kind of marketing method for the best results. The company has a successful record of providing some of the best kinds of promotional items which can be used for any kind of corporate event. Now Offering Premium Plastic Glasses Frames at Outstanding Prices

A leader in U.S. eye glasses retail, has today announced the inclusion of a whole new line of high-quality plastic glasses frames at extremely discounted prices.

Zora Lighting Offers High Quality Lighting Products

Lighting products are increasingly in demand with the emergence of more and more companies. Schools, colleges, government offices, factories, warehouses, store houses and other establishments cannot do without these products. People have more choices and options in the affordable range owing to the competition in the market. Zora lighting is an online store which provides the customers with numerous options on table lamp, wall lamp, pendant lamp, floor lamp, crystal chandelier, ceiling lamp, industrial design, etc. It has many contemporary lights and designer lights useful for several purposes.

Lean on Him Apparel: Unique Designs and Colors for Everyone

Brandon Powell of Dallas wants the opportunity to combine his creative talents and entrepreneurial spirit, producing a unique clothing line for the expressive, casual and professional consumer.

Creator of Corny Chompers Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoCraig Connors calls his Corny Chompers corn cob holders "a fun way to help children safely hold a hot cob of corn and have a joyous time in the process."  These cute and fun corn cob holders are suitable for kids of all ages and even double as teeth for sock puppets or other play when not in use.

Tara Vallin Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of Add-a-Handle

LogoThis project is about the development of Add-a-Handle, a highly practical and functional tool that can be used in thousands of situations to hold a wide array of objects. This light-weight tool has a weight similar to that of a stick of butter. As a result, it can be handled with ease even by people with Arthritis or many other health related concerns. Although it is light-weight, it is strong enough to hold up to thirty (30) pounds for the contractor, lineman or others, if needed.

A Great News for Those Who Want to Buy Cheap, High-Quality Wigs

There can not be a better news for those who are on the look-out to buy cheap wigs of high quality than the offer of wigs of great quality by The company says they have been a leading retailer wig outlet offering items including Cosplay wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, and accessories that go well with wigs. Buyers can do safe shopping if they decide to buy on their site, says the company. Not only that, customers will get wigs of all the popular brands and exclusives at the outlets.

Dealsalert Online Site Launches a Discount Code on Their John Lewis Brand That Promises to Score Well with Their Customers

Dealsalert announced a deal for its loyal customer recently. Then good news is that they are offering different discount codes for the online customers. Any shoppers that want to get a glimpse of this discount code can visit the official john Lewis site and read on the information about that are given out there. With summers on the way, the customers will be greeted with lots of summer shirts and pants from a brand that has come a long way since 1864

Boosters Incorporated Announces New Spirit Products

Boosters Incorporated is continuing a long and proud history of helping fans show off their school spirit by adding even more to their vast inventory of products. The company has been at the forefront of the spirit industry for over 50 years, and their new products are sure to continue that tradition. The new products will please technological enthusiasts as easily as fans just looking for something to flash on game nights. Even team participants and cheerleaders who want to flush out their spirit gear or put together items for a fundraiser can find a plethora of items that will meet every one of their needs.

Safian & Rudolph Jewelers Makes Donation from Sales to Ronald McDonald House Charities

LogoIn celebration of Saint Patrick's Day, the high-end jewelry store on Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia, Safian & Rudolph Jewelers, participated in a charity event. Customers who made a purchase of $1,000 or more between March 6th and March 17th were given a free Blarney dog stuffed animal and guaranteed a donation from the jewelry retailer on their behalf to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The company donated to the local chapter of the organization to support the effort of improving the lives of children. Offers Discounts Lowes Coupons for Home Renovation Products Buyers

Improving the home externally and internally is a pursuit for every responsible homeowner. But the rising price of varying home improvement goods and merchandize is rendering homeowners helpless, they are trying means to save money but futile is their effort as it appears. offers Lowes 10 off coupon for those who are planning means for renovating their old, dilapidated abodes. These coupons are available on web site and availing them is undeniably easier and hassle free. All you have to register for Lowes movers program and enjoy a chance to obtain Lowes coupons printable via email.

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Announces Free Shipping on Its Bestseller Mugs

Copper Moscow Mule mugs are true standout pieces whether it is serving drinks at a bar or inviting friends over cocktails at home. These mugs have exclusive features that make them one of a kind!

Parts Geek Announces Extended Inventory of Cabin Air Filters

LogoWhile many drivers are looking forward to the spring season and better driving conditions without snow and ice, spring also brings pollen and allergens. To help eliminate odors, pollen, and other allergens from entering the vehicle's cabin, Parts Geek has stocked up and extended their inventory of cabin air filters in preparation for the upcoming spring season. As a leading auto parts retailer that carries many top brands for quality replacements, the company now features over 10,500 cabin air filters in their inventory.

Sports Kicks UK Presents Branded Football Boots at Reasonable Prices

Shoes are not just an obsession with women. Men are equally drawn towards investing in branded shoes for different purposes. Sports Kicks UK is an online professional store offering new and trendy football boots in different models and designs. It deals with all kinds of customers including individual buyers and wholesalers. The sportsmen have many options to choose from across brands, colours, design and sizes. Be it black and white or coloured, customers can invest in this value for money products which would be an exciting addition into their wardrobe.

Mustafa Güngör Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Blango, the Ultimate Wearable Blanket

LogoMustafa Güngör has created an ultra-soft blanket that allows users to use their hands while walking around wearing it. The background of this project relates to one of Mustafa's friends that wanted a wearable blanket that is both warm and mobile. Unfortunately, there were no such products available in the market. This is the time when Mustafa Güngör decided to come up with his creation, the Blango wearable blanket.

Tidestore Spring Sale Unveiled

Tidestore has now made it possible for users to buy Cheap Summer Clothes by getting huge discounts during its Spring Sale.