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Customers Can Save Power and Money when They Shop

LogoGary and Shelley are excited to announce the launch of, their new online retail venture. This website offers an exceptional variety of solar-powered décor for the lawn and garden, including fountains and birdbaths; these water features are illuminated or powered by solar energy, or both. In addition, customers can shop outdoor solar décor like bird feeders, gnomes, wind spinners and more. The website also offers outdoor lighting solutions to customers, like fence post caps, stake light sets, lanterns, string lights and more. Customers looking for solar power panels can find portable folding panels and solar panel charging kits from 15 to 100 watts.

Get Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Down Comforters Online at Royal Egyptian Bedding

LogoRoyal Egyptian Bedding is an online bedding marketplace based in Virginia. Since 2001, the online store has been supplying Egyptian cotton bed sheets, pillows, duvets, down comforters and luxury bed in a bag sets to clients in Virginia and beyond. The company sources its raw materials directly from farmers to process the fabrics and sell them out to consumers. The co-founders of Royal Egyptian Bedding, Rick, and Andy, have made real their passion and mission by providing bedding accessories of unrivaled quality that are highly cost-effective.

JJ's House Offers Women Dresses for Every Style or Event Ahead of Mother's Day

LogoIsn't Mother's Day the best? You get a valid excuse to have a lie-in, get flowers and probably a nice Sunday lunch in a family-friendly pub somewhere.

Kokomo Engineering Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Hanging Offset

LogoHow many times have people tried to hang a picture, only to realize, once the item is on the wall, that it must be moved?  A new hole must be placed leaving an ugly hole or holes in the wall.  Now, with the Hanging Offset, there is never a need to drill multiple holes in a wall again.'s New Diaper Bag Has Answered the Prayers of Many Parents with Newly Born Kids

LogoThere's a number of difficult elements involved in being a mother, and undoubtedly the hardest one among them is having to carry around one's babies diapers. Normal purses are simply not big enough to carry enough, and having a large backpack is just too hard.

SWEAT IT out COOL COMPRESSION Offers Sports Bras of All Sizes

LogoSWEAT IT OUT® COOL COMPRESSION® offers a large supply of athletic attire available for purchase online for the spring season, including compression tops and sports bras. Anyone looking to start an exercise regimen or join a sports league needs the proper exercise apparel to maximize their performance. Visit their website to check out everything they have in stock.

Colorado Springs Patio Furniture, Built in Grills, Fire Pits, and Patio Accessories Set the Mood for Dining and Entertaining in Comfort and Style

LogoOutdoor patio furniture is a reflection of style and design which extends beyond the walls of your home into the yard. For some, the deep cushions and armrests on woven furniture provide an inviting retreat, a place to relax and enjoy some fresh air. For others, the patio table is a focal point, a functional space to gather around and reflect on the day. For rustic wood patio furniture, sturdy wrought iron patio furniture, laid back sling designs, and comfortable woven styles, Western Outdoor Living have extensive ranges to choose from. Their team of experts can help advise which material and style is best for your outdoor space. The furniture is of the highest quality and is selected from the most respected manufacturers. The well-built patio furniture and patio accessories are designed to last, a refreshing change in a marketplace where sometimes corners are cut to force a budget price tag.

Locomizer's GDPR Compliant 'Audience Discovery Platform' Strengthened by US Patent Approval as Competitors Withdraw from Europe

Locomizer, the award-winning provider of location analytics and anonymised audience research for global media agencies and brands today announced success in its application for its 'Interest Profile of a User of a Mobile Application' technology from the US Patent and Trademark Office. The ruling cements Locomizer's lead in providing location data that is compliant with the stringent new European data privacy protection rules known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that become effective May 25th.

Home Chefs Shop Quality Cookware at

LogoMarkus is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, This new specialty cookware website is designed to provide everything home chefs need to create dishes they can be proud of, from prep to preparation to presentation, at a price they can afford. The website offers a fantastic selection of different high quality knives, including chef's knives, cleavers, steak knives and more. Customers can also find knife blocks and sets as well as cutting boards made from wood, bamboo and antibacterial polypropylene. In cookware, home chefs can find individual pots and pans as well as cookware sets in whatever material they prefer, including cast iron, nonstick aluminum, ceramic and copper. The array of dinnerware was specially chosen to provide modern and artistic flare to any dining room. Is a New Marketplace for Outdoor Adventurers

LogoBill is the founder and owner of, a new retail website that sells a large variety of gear aimed at outdoor and sports enthusiasts. Customers of the website can find a large selection of camping apparel and equipment like backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, stoves and fuel. Hunters can shop for archery equipment as well as hunting blinds and knives, while climbers will enjoy the great selection of climbing and repelling gear. A large array of water sports equipment, including inflatable kayaks, paddleboards and pool floaties, are also available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Magic Office Chair Caster Wheels - No More Chair Mat Needed

LogoStealtho proudly announces the reinvented office chair wheels. Unlike its predecessors, Stealtho Wheels are designed to save the floor from scratches and to make the rolling experience as smooth as it ever possibly could be. Stealtho simultaneously launched a Kickstarter campaign, utilizing crowdsourcing to help bring the new generation of office wheels into the world.

Vancouver Fence Company Outlines Questions to Ask when Securing a Quote

LogoQS Fencing, a Vancouver fence company, knows that starting a project can be tricky. To help home and business owners identify reputable installers and repairers, they recently published a list of relevant questions to raise when asking for a quote.

Personalized Graduation Koozies Are Now Available from KooziesOnline

LogoParents who are planning a graduation party for their college or high school student are encouraged to visit KooziesOnline to check out their massive selection of custom koozies that can be designed to fit the theme of any upcoming graduation celebration.

The Crystal Ally Offers Finest Quality Clear Quartz Crystals

LogoThe Crystal Ally is an online metaphysical store operated by Crystal Store, a retail healing crystals store based in Hurst, Texas. This coveted provider and distributor of geodes, minerals, healing, and semi-precious stones founded by James Dillard completed seven years in business on November 1, 2017. To ensure that customers pick appropriate products and healing stones for themselves, the online store dedicatedly provides the required assistance. The online metaphysical store, off late, has emerged as a reliable resource for those seeking finest quality quartz clear healing crystals.

Falls River Soap Now Available on Amazon, Walmart and

Falls River Soap, making handmade, all-natural soaps since 2004, is now available for purchase through Amazon, Walmart, and Falls River Soap uses only organic and natural ingredients to craft their luxurious soaps by hand.

5 Reasons Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better

The Nitty-Gritty:  Walking into a jewelry store feels like walking into a car dealer.  A salesperson is there to up sell you and push a diamond not because its a perfect match for a clients needs. But rather because its one of the few they have that match ones price point. Retail stores spend easily over 10k to 30,000 in special lighting to make a diamond dazzle.  A buyer may be looking at a flawed diamond but the lighting enhances the sparkle masking imperfections.  The Bottom line- Yes buyers can find a beautiful diamond in a retail store BUT! It will be at a higher price point with a risk of buying a diamond improperly certified(paying more for an inferior diamond grade).  Read Below for the 5 Reasons Why buying a diamond engagement ring online Is Better Than Retail. Offers Personalized Favors for Weddings

LogoBrides and grooms who are planning their wedding can now offer their guests a takeaway gift from The company specializes in personalizing party favors with customers' photos, names, and much more. For custom can wedding coolers and many other wedding favors, contact the company today.

Spring Wreaths by Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths Are Known for Being High-Quality and Unique

Spring wreaths by Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths are nothing like the overdone traditional door wreaths you have seen before. Alexandra Seasonal Wreaths regularly creates new spring wreaths. An easy way to incorporate more color into your home decor is with a spring wreath. This wreath company works closely with customers and creates specific wreaths catered to their decorative needs. This allows for the creation of new innovative wreaths.

Artees' Popular Spring T-Shirts and Promotional Products

LogoArtees Corp, a Miami custom t-shirt design and printing company, has popular promotional products available for spring. We have products that serve many individuals and companies in a variety of industries. We are licensed to print Greek logos. Our spring products support events, including BBQ's, tailgates, brotherhood and sisterhood events, and more. A listing of our most popular spring products is below.

Crow Survival Online Introducing the Best Hiking Boots

Summer is an excellent time of year to explore the outdoors and enjoy all of the exciting activities that the outdoors has to offer. This is the season to get away from the humdrum of busy city life and explore everything that nature has to offer. Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities, it provides relaxation for the body and the mind. Hiking is great for burning calories and regualr hiking can provide a major workout regimen on its own. Unlike other sports hiking doesn't require too much equipment but special foot support is one essential that will enable enthusiasts to stay free of injuries and enjoy outdoor activities.

Engagement Rings from Patrick Saada's Galith Shop Now Available for Fully Custom-Made Designs

To anyone involved in the diamond sector, Patrick Saada is a well-known name. Mr. Saada, after all, almost single-handedly formed the Infinite Diam firm, which has been one of the leading players in the mining, manufacturing, and trading of diamonds since 2013. Today, those who want uniquely-styled engagement rings can turn to Patrick Saada's Galith jewelry shop as well.

Galith Brand of Diamond Jewelry from Patrick Saada Eliminates Markups and Middlemen

The company Infinite Diam was founded in 2013, thanks to the vision of Patrick Saada, who has been involved in diamond trading and manufacturing for years. But Patrick Saada has added to his list of successes in the diamond industry with Galith, his own brand of online jewelry under his daughter's expertise and management. Introduces Live Support on Its Website to Boost Its Customer Care Services has made shopping easier on its website by introducing live chat to all its online customers. The LiveChat feature pops up conveniently at the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage as soon as you load the company's website.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection Introduces Live Support on Its Website

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has added live support on its website. The Lauren Ashtyn Consultant pops up as a chat box as soon as you open the company's website. These live Consultants are real trained professionals who will help customers with their purchases. They are also giving a special coupon code for free shipping and a $25 Sephora gift card after consultation.

MORIS: A Mobile Retail Information System Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoMobile Retail Information System or MORIS by Robileware is the world's first fully-integrated mobile content management system that is designed to entirely revolutionize the way manufacturers, retailers and consumers interact with each other in the 21st century. MORIS is a revolutionary software application that connects retails, manufacturers as well as consumers on a single platform and the creators of this remarkable solution have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support.