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Black Squirrel Printing Donating Portion of Sales to Luke's Wings Through 2015

LogoCreating lasting relationships with businesses and organizations that frequently require custom printed clothing, Black Squirrel Printing strives for customer satisfaction with their quality printing and use of innovative technology. With a commitment to giving back to veterans, the company is proud to announce they will be donating a portion of sales to Luke's Wings throughout the duration of 2015. For every 10 shirts sold online, one dollar will be donated to the non-profit dedicated to the service of uniting wounded warriors and veterans with their families and loved ones.

Scott Tucker Hosts Plus Size Clothing Swap

A Shoe In Fashion, the website that shares fashion news and trends from around the community, will feature Scott Tucker's "Plus Size Swap." The clothing swap, which takes place on the evening of May 1, will be for women size 18 and above.

Stuff 4 Work Launches New Website to Promote Indoor and Outdoor Office Furniture Online

When buying office space, stocking it with furniture that is both functional and affordable can be difficult. Thanks to ever-increasing executive aspiration and 21st century trend toward 'creative' office space, even the fundamentals of an office can now come with a premium price tag from a high end designer. Those looking for affordable office furniture need look no further however, as Stuff 4 Work has just launched their new website, helping people get affordable basics easily online.

Recovery in Used Car Sales Set to Continue Throughout 2015, Says BCA Used Car Market Report

Sales of used cars have been growing steadily for five years. According to the BCA Used Car Market Report, this growth is a result of several improving financial factors. Low inflation, growing employment rates and rising house prices all played a role in improving consumer confidence and helping them to find the cash to invest in a used car.

The Number of New Car Registrations in the UK Has Reached the Highest Levels This Century

During March 2015, the number of new cars registered rose by 6% across the UK as a whole. The registration plate update always provides a boost for the car industry, but this year demand has been at the highest level for fifteen years. It follows on the heels of nearly six years of falling sales due to the recession.

New Pension Rules Expected to Give UK Car Sales a Boost

This huge change in the personal finance rules is probably the biggest in modern times. The change means that those aged over 55 will be able to release their defined contribution from their pension fund.

The Upsurge in Online Sales Is Predicted to Account for £1 in Every £4 Being Spent on Online Shopping in 2015 – Adpak Have Commented

IMGR Capgemini, e-Retail Sales Index, have released figures of online sales for 2014 rising as high as £103 billion. This figure is estimated to further increase to another 12% across 2015, meaning in every £4 spent, around £1 of that would be accounted for by online sales.

Holiday RV South Adds Forest River Surveyor to Travel Trailer Lineup

Jeremiah Webb, National Sales Manager for Holiday RV South, has announced the recent addition of the Forest River Surveyor to their lineup of new travel trailers. "The decision to add the Surveyor was in no small part driven by our incredible success with the Forest River R Pod. We are easily the largest R Pod dealer in Colorado, but we found that a lot of people who check out the R Pod decide they want something a little more spacious. The Surveyor is a natural fit for those buyers. It's similar to the R-Pod in many ways, but it provides the added space these buyers are looking for for just a few dollars more."

Infinity Pools Comes Up with New Financing Plan in Orange County

Infinity Pools, a pool and spa specialist based in Orange County, California, is now offering their customers a brand new financing option that could get them a big loan. The financing project was made possible after the business sealed a partnership with and Lending Club. Eligible clients can get a loan of up to $100,000 to fund their dream pool or spa. Although there have been an offer for financing before, this new option is expected to be more beneficial to the clients.

Gbridal Introduces Daily Worldwide Shipping

Gbridal, a company providing fabulous party dresses, today announced its introduction of daily worldwide shipping of its orders. According to sources, the international customer base of the company is growing at a tremendous pace. In order to meet the requirements of its customer worldwide, Gbridal is now providing a daily worldwide shipping service. The company endeavors to make delivery of all dresses ordered in as soon as possible. Makes Available High Quality Hand-Made Items Like Scarves Exclusively for Every Customer

Here is a great news for those who are looking for hand-made products. is offering handmade pure silk, cashmere, linen, modal, & cotton scarves, silk table runners, table mats, Handmade Kantha cushion covers, Handmade Kantha quilts, Handmade Kilim Rugs, Jewellery and other crafts of the highest quality and artistry. They add that these items are made by skilled artisans. Offers Women's Trendy and Fashionable Jewelry

Steampunk Junction is an online shop offering original pieces of jewelry for sale. There is a wide range of products, but the main focus relies on steampunk fashion and lifestyle. With this in mind Lynnette Jewelry began to focus exclusively on steampunk fashion for hew new website, Steampunk Junction. There are always new products being made that is why it was imperative to have a website built.

Hoffman Fabrics Launches Brand New Logo & Marketing

LogoHoffman Fabrics launched its new logo today, the first change to its well-recognized logo since 1946 - over 70 years. The old logo has become iconic in the fabric industry, a recognizable and consistent value in the ever-changing world of fabric, quilting and fashion. This is only the third iteration of its brand logo since the Company was founded in 1924 as Hoffman California Woolens by its creator Rube Hoffman. Hoffman California International Fabrics is one of North America's oldest operating fabric designers and manufacturers, so the new logo is designed to represent the essence of where Hoffman has come from during 91 years in business, and where the Company is planning to go in the future.

Cosmetic Vitality Launches with over 50 New Editorials on Skincare for All Skin Types

Cosmetics has been around as long as society has been, and humans have painted their faces to look more beautiful, ferocious or simply more distinct. With the passage of time and the advancement of science, cosmetics have actually moved more toward optimizing skin and creating a natural radiance. Cosmetic Vitality is a new online resource center dedicated to charting that progress, and helping people get the best possible skin with the benefit of advanced cosmetic products. They have launched with a detailed resource center filled with some fifty editorials, guides and tutorials on skin care.

Vouchersky New Discount Codes Has Helped Reduced Consumers Shopping Bills

Using discount codes can become big news in recent years with more people looking for ways to reduce their shopping bill. One popular site that has hit the headlines for helping people to save money while shopping online is Vouchersky.

Riff Raffs Aquaberry Blast, a Cannabis Infused Drink Additive Is Now Available Made by PyoorCBD

LogoAfter 11 months of R&D formulation PyoorCBD has finally finished the custom formulated Aquaberry flavor for RiFF RAFF along with the amazing Aquaberry Color to match. The drink additive is SugarFree Gluten Free Zero Calorie And actually very Tasty, just like Candy and contains All Natural Fruit and More than 35mg of CBD Cannabinoids to make you Feel Really Good. Nothing but high end All Natural Fruit Flavors in these bottles. RiFF RAFFS AquaBerry Blast is a Drink Additive that is added to 7 ounces of your favorite beverage. AquaBerry Blast will be available for sale at, and Your Local Convenience Stores.

Hyundai Concept Called the Enduro Has Been Unveiled

A new Hyundai concept called the Enduro has been unveiled, hinting at the firm's intentions to enter the compact crossover market.

Vauxhall Announces Cutting Edge Eye-Tracking Headlight Tech

An advanced headlight system which can make adjustments based on where the driver is looking has been unveiled by Vauxhall.

UK's Favourite Retro Sweetshop Helps Marrying Couples Get Up Close and Personal on Their Big Day

It's those little finishing touches that often make the difference between a really memorable wedding day and one that doesn't quite have the X Factor. One of the worst culprits for this is frequently the wedding favours that the couple choose. Too often they are the same old favours that everyone uses… and that's just boring. But not anymore.

Magmount Keeps Charging Cables Securely in Place

Logo"Magmount", an inspired device to keep your charging cables in place, is being introduced to the public via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $20,000, which needs to be raised in order to begin production and bring Magmount to market. This small device is perfect for anyone who is tired of having their charging cables slip behind the desk, table or counter. No one likes to get down on the ground just to find a lost cable, or deal with the frustration of needing to move furniture just to get a slipped cable from behind the item. With Magmount, a person will never lose their cables again because the cables will stay exactly where they placed them.

Dawn Jesse Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Start Creating Stickt Embroidered Jackets

LogoDawn Jesse started her first business alongside her mom after the birth of her first daughter. After successfully selling handmade European wool diaper covers, Dawn is all set to launch her second business Stickt. Through this new business, she wants to create jackets that will represent the person inside it and reflect their individuality.

Online Purchase of Birthstones, Gemstones, Rudrakshas and Jewelry Now Easy

Those who are looking for buying Certified Gemstones and Rudrakshas Online in India have a good reason to feel happy because makes these items easily accessible to them. The company points out that they are a fully owned subsidiary of "Bello Jewels Pvt Ltd." and that they have been in this business for nearly 10 years.

The Vigore Kitchen System Can Save Consumers Hundreds of Dollars

LogoThe creative team behind "Vigore" have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their "Vigore Breadbox" to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $50,000, which needs to be raised by May 9th in order to begin mass production and bring Vigore to market. In the creators own words, "Vigore Breadbox is a fully-automated and sustainable kitchen system that keeps food fresh for up to 5 times longer and bread of all types stays fresh up to 3 times longer with an innovative patented vacuum system." With all of its amazing features, Vigore promises to become a "must have" kitchen appliance.

BatteryClerk Provides Batteries for a Variety of Devices

BatteryClerk is a New Jersey-based online organization providing a variety of batteries to clientele throughout the United States. BatteryClerk is currently offering batteries for a variety of devices—if any form of device has stopped working due to battery malfunction or aging, individuals are urged to look at their selection of replacement batteries before getting rid of the device in question.

Jeremy Argyle Boasts Some of the Best Fitting Shirts in NYC

Jeremy Argyle is a high-end retailer of men's attire and apparel including sweaters, dress shirts and ties through their boutique located in the Soho region of New York City, New York. Right now, they are announcing their availability to tailor their guests' high-end men's attire. The company's tailoring services provide some of the best fitting shirts throughout New York City, a city known for unique, high quality apparel.