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Local Appliance Repair Company Announces 24-Hour Emergency Appliance Repair

LogoAviv Service Today, a Charleston appliance repair company, has announced a new 24-hour emergency repair service for the entire greater Charleston area. The company will now offer quality appliance repair service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The expanded hours will give appliance owners the opportunity to address critical issues without waiting for the next business day, an essential service for avoiding food loss, party disasters, laundry delays, and more.

PureLamps Show Cases Recommended Tiffany Lamps

After launching its new website in 2014, which has been praised by users and design magazines alike, PureLamps is now aiming to make the shopping experience even better with its recommended lamps on its home page.

Magic Instant Bigga Lashes & Brow Fibers Launches in U.K.

VZ Hair and Glamour - Newly launched in the U.K by beauty specialists VZ Hair and Glamour, is the two-in-one product Magic Instant Bigga Lashes & Brow Fibers. This ground-breaking solution aims to lengthen, shape, sculpt and fill the eyebrows and eyelashes in just 60 seconds.

Xirl Launch Release

Straight from East London, the latest in street couture, Xirl, is here. Xirl is a young brand revealing its SS15 line - animal print tops and vintage denim shorts that are impactful, eye-catching and totally radical. Fashionistas of all ages looking to make their wardrobes more hip can mix and match a range of styles to make their own.

China-Hifi-Audio Introduces Tube Amplifier for High-End Audio Quality Output

Today, people use a variety of audio systems for various purposes, and listening to the music and songs is a very common objective for a number of people. Now, China based China-hifi-Audio brings a variety of products and accessories that can significantly improve the music quality for a great music-listening experience. The online store has tube amplifiers, speakers, hi-fi cables and other products in their stock. All products are technologically advanced and are available at affordable prices.

New Hope of Cure for Eczema Sufferers as Scientists Discover Protein Behind Dry and Scaly Skin

The prime genetic cause for a common type of eczema has been recently found by the scientists, resulting in expectations of clean therapy. Scientists at Oregon State-University discovered the problem, which affects millions all over the world with itchy, dry and inflamed skin wounds, could be set off by a deteriorating protein referred to as Ctip2.

VINSHAR Group Brings 2015 Women Long Dresses & Gowns for Women to Discover New Fashion Trends in the New Year

A leading supplier of special occasion dresses, VINSHAR International Group unveils a new collection of women long dresses and gowns at affordable prices. These new dresses are highly fashionable and will allow modern women to showcase a new style statement in 2015.

New Range of Screen Protectors & Leather Cases for iPhone and Samsung Debut for Modern Device Users

Trios3, the China based supplier of smartphone protective cases, has recently released a new range of Screen Protectors & Leather Cases that not only safeguard the expensive devices, but also offer a style or sophistication that the modern populations need today. The new Screen protector for iPhone and Samsung showcases an advanced technology that helps keep the screen of a device in the best condition. The screen protector is remarkable for its design precision and the suitable fitting, protecting the screen from edge to edge.

12 Volt Technology Now Offering a Wide Range of 4WD Spotlights at Reduced Prices

LogoRetaining their prominent position as one of the leading providers of 12 volt products in Australia, 12 Volt Technology is now offering its customers with a wide range of 4WD spotlights at reduced prices. The wide range of 4WD spotlights that the company is offering includes 75W Halogen Spot Light 140MM C/W ALIG CLIPS, 75W Halogen Spot Light 140MM C/W CIG PLUG, 75W Marine Spot Light 140MM C/W CIG PLUG, 75W Variable Power Spot Light 140MM C/W CIG PLUG, and much more. All these products are available on the company's website and can be easily ordered directly from the store.

Great Discounts on Bride Sashes and Other Hens Party Supplies at Pecka Products

LogoHens party decorations and supplies are now cheaper thanks to the limited stock sales offered by Pecka Products. Naughty paraphernalia, bridesmaid sashes, tiaras and veils, bride and groom toilet paper and Pin the Macho on the Man Game etc. are some of the items on sale through the site.

Stay Beautiful with Exciting Beauty Deals from Ella Rouge

LogoElla Rouge, Sydney skin clinic, announces exciting deals for all beauty conscious women this season. Attractive discounts are available on beauty products and treatments to keep you radiant and glowing. Ella Rouge specialises in beauty products, skin treatments, and Laser hair removal Sydney, Fraxel Laser, Emerge Laser, Cosmetic Injections and Gift Cards. Major discounts have been announced with the objective of providing women with the latest and best of beauty products and treatments available in the market today.

Frontline Merchandising Group Now Offering Top Notch Quality & Unique Promotional Products in Brisbane at Reduced Prices

Maintaining their prominent position as one of the leading providers of promotional products in Australia, The Frontline Merchandising Group is now offering top-notch quality and unique promotional products in Brisbane at the most reduced prices. The promotional products that the company is offering will provide assistance to their clients in effectively promoting their business and their services. With their team of highly-skilled and elite designers, the company strives to deliver innovative promotional products in Brisbane.

Innoviesoft Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Smartie Mirror – A Smart Mirror Like No Other

LogoSmartie Mirror meets all the needs of anyone who could benefit from a personal assistant. That's because this smart mirror is a front-and-center personal assistant delivering the best in innovative home automation before the user's very eyes – literally.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Bags and Backpacks

LogoMike Sieber is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide selection of different bags both for travel and for everyday use including duffle bags, canvas backpacks, messenger bags, and tactical backpacks. Sieber was inspired to start his website because he felt like those searching for bags online could really use a website that was just focused on showing them a wide range of bags in one place. His website makes it easy for people to find any kind of bag that they are looking for and compare options within the same site.

Right Price Ventures Launches Website Featuring Quality Wrestling Gear

LogoRick Price is excited to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website features a broad assortment of wrestling items including wrestling singlets, t-shirts, wrestling shoes, supplements, wrestling mats, and headgear for wrestling. Price was inspired to start his website by his own experience with wrestling. He has been both a competitor and a coach and has almost forty years of experience in wrestling. He wanted to create a website where coaches, families, and competitors could find the items that they needed for wrestling.

KDA Distributors, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Folding and Utility Knives

LogoKevin Armstrong is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide range of knives including folding knives, utility knives, and survival knives. Armstrong has always been a big outdoorsman. He started his website so that customers could find the outdoor products that they needed at prices that they could afford. He wanted to offer knives because even though these are important outdoor tools few websites really are available to fill the need for these items. Spring Sale Promotion

One of the most trusted names in garage solutions and organization, now offers NewAge garage storage on sale via its Spring Promotion Drive.

Waist Cincher Selling Products Through Their Recently Launched Website

LogoUS based company Waist Cincher announced the launch of their website in a small press meet here today. The online shopping portal specializes in various branded waist cincher and body shaping products. At present, the company is selling merchandise from two popular brands - Ann Cherry and Squeem. This has created a good platform for people, who do not have enough time to go through regular shopping websites to find body shaping products. With the launch of Waist Cincher, people can now get all their desired body shaping products in just a few clicks.  Not just this, the website also provides an informative guide to help people choose the product that suits them the best.

Snapmade Comes out with New Custom Goods Designs for St Patrick's Day

The annual St. Patrick's Day is coming again, Every year on March 17, the Irish and the Irish-at-heart across the globe observe St. Patrick's Day. What began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green.

ParrotUncle Released New Coupon Code as Feedback to Customers

LogoThere is great news from lamps buyers all over the world. A new parrot uncle coupon code is released this week by ParrotUncle, a professional online retailing platform of lighting fixtures. With the new code "parrotuncle", consumers now can enjoy a 3% discount in their purchase, covering the whole lines of lighting fixtures on the site.

Parts Geek Extends Inventory of Heater Hoses as Winter Nears an End

LogoMany parts of the country have experienced numerous snowstorms and below freezing temperatures, relying on their cars to stay warm during a work commute or routine trip to the grocery store. Heat keeps drivers comfortable and the vehicle safe by keeping fog and ice off of the windshield and windows, and cold temperatures can cause numerous other problems to a vehicle as well. When the cabin of the vehicle isn't providing efficient heat to keep drivers comfortable, Parts Geek is announcing they have extended their inventory of heater hoses to supply the demand of orders for this essential part of vehicles heating system.

Sofaland Now Offering Modern Occasional Furniture at the Most Reduced Prices

Preserving their top position as one of the reputed providers of leather recliners, sofas and couches, Sofaland is now offering a wide range of modern occasional furniture at the most reduced prices. The wide range of modern furniture that the company is offering includes coffee and lamp tables, TV stands, sideboards and shelving, dining room, office, beds and mattresses and bedroom furniture. All of the products that the company is offering are from world-known brands and are crafted perfectly to meet the needs and demands of each of their customers.

House of Potions Extends New Body Care Products from Bioderma

LogoHouse of Potions has come up with new range of body care products from leading skincare brand Bioderma. The company caters to customers all over UK & also offers international delivery.

Customers Can Now Buy Online MDF Shutters from Wooden Shutters Direct at Competitive Prices

Retaining its name as one of the best suppliers in the industry, Wooden Shutters Direct is now offering a wide range of attractive wooden shutters at the competitive prices, in fact we are so confident our prices are market leading.

Multi Channel Ecommerce Platform Offering Special Features for Online Retailers in India

Multi channel ecommerce platform BoostMySale is offering special features that they believe would help their clients' business figures take a surge in the booming ecommerce market. The company has been providing ecommerce service for more than 2 years now and has already worked wonders for the clients they have worked for. My Borosil is one of the most noted clients that has used the platform and special features of BoostMySale and has seen their business figures soar.