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Riff Raffs Aquaberry Blast, a Cannabis Infused Drink Additive Is Now Available Made by PyoorCBD

LogoAfter 11 months of R&D formulation PyoorCBD has finally finished the custom formulated Aquaberry flavor for RiFF RAFF along with the amazing Aquaberry Color to match. The drink additive is SugarFree Gluten Free Zero Calorie And actually very Tasty, just like Candy and contains All Natural Fruit and More than 35mg of CBD Cannabinoids to make you Feel Really Good. Nothing but high end All Natural Fruit Flavors in these bottles. RiFF RAFFS AquaBerry Blast is a Drink Additive that is added to 7 ounces of your favorite beverage. AquaBerry Blast will be available for sale at, and Your Local Convenience Stores.

Hyundai Concept Called the Enduro Has Been Unveiled

A new Hyundai concept called the Enduro has been unveiled, hinting at the firm's intentions to enter the compact crossover market.

Vauxhall Announces Cutting Edge Eye-Tracking Headlight Tech

An advanced headlight system which can make adjustments based on where the driver is looking has been unveiled by Vauxhall.

UK's Favourite Retro Sweetshop Helps Marrying Couples Get Up Close and Personal on Their Big Day

It's those little finishing touches that often make the difference between a really memorable wedding day and one that doesn't quite have the X Factor. One of the worst culprits for this is frequently the wedding favours that the couple choose. Too often they are the same old favours that everyone uses… and that's just boring. But not anymore.

Magmount Keeps Charging Cables Securely in Place

Logo"Magmount", an inspired device to keep your charging cables in place, is being introduced to the public via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $20,000, which needs to be raised in order to begin production and bring Magmount to market. This small device is perfect for anyone who is tired of having their charging cables slip behind the desk, table or counter. No one likes to get down on the ground just to find a lost cable, or deal with the frustration of needing to move furniture just to get a slipped cable from behind the item. With Magmount, a person will never lose their cables again because the cables will stay exactly where they placed them.

Dawn Jesse Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Start Creating Stickt Embroidered Jackets

LogoDawn Jesse started her first business alongside her mom after the birth of her first daughter. After successfully selling handmade European wool diaper covers, Dawn is all set to launch her second business Stickt. Through this new business, she wants to create jackets that will represent the person inside it and reflect their individuality.

Online Purchase of Birthstones, Gemstones, Rudrakshas and Jewelry Now Easy

Those who are looking for buying Certified Gemstones and Rudrakshas Online in India have a good reason to feel happy because makes these items easily accessible to them. The company points out that they are a fully owned subsidiary of "Bello Jewels Pvt Ltd." and that they have been in this business for nearly 10 years.

The Vigore Kitchen System Can Save Consumers Hundreds of Dollars

LogoThe creative team behind "Vigore" have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their "Vigore Breadbox" to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $50,000, which needs to be raised by May 9th in order to begin mass production and bring Vigore to market. In the creators own words, "Vigore Breadbox is a fully-automated and sustainable kitchen system that keeps food fresh for up to 5 times longer and bread of all types stays fresh up to 3 times longer with an innovative patented vacuum system." With all of its amazing features, Vigore promises to become a "must have" kitchen appliance.

BatteryClerk Provides Batteries for a Variety of Devices

BatteryClerk is a New Jersey-based online organization providing a variety of batteries to clientele throughout the United States. BatteryClerk is currently offering batteries for a variety of devices—if any form of device has stopped working due to battery malfunction or aging, individuals are urged to look at their selection of replacement batteries before getting rid of the device in question.

Jeremy Argyle Boasts Some of the Best Fitting Shirts in NYC

Jeremy Argyle is a high-end retailer of men's attire and apparel including sweaters, dress shirts and ties through their boutique located in the Soho region of New York City, New York. Right now, they are announcing their availability to tailor their guests' high-end men's attire. The company's tailoring services provide some of the best fitting shirts throughout New York City, a city known for unique, high quality apparel.

Oriental Jade Jewelry Now Offering Discounted Prices on Fine Quality Jade Jewelry

LogoSince the first time jade jewelry became available on the internet for purchase, Oriental Jade Jewelry has been an online retailer. With the finest jade jewelry and figurines to offer, the company is pleased to announce that it has pieces available at discounted prices. The company specializes in importing, manufacturing and designing high-quality Jadeite pieces for fashionable wear. Women can express their style with jade rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more from Oriental Jade Jewelry that are unique in design. Online shoppers are invited to explore the large selection of beautiful jade jewelry on the company's website.

Replica Lights Introduces New Range of Designer-Style Café Lighting for Style Conscious Venues

A space can be as open, clean and brilliantly designed as possible, but lighting is what creates atmosphere. It makes a warm room cozy as opposed to stifling, or a cool room energized as opposed to sterile. Lighting sets spaces apart and makes them inviting, making it an essential component for venues who rely on customers. Replica Lights has been leading the way in providing designer style lighting features at a fraction of the cost of designers, and has now branched out into the corporate world with a new range of designer lighting for restaurant and cafe.

Jewel Box Display & Supply Co. Offering Jewelry Displays and Boxes at Reasonable Rates

LogoJewel Box Co., a reputed online store, is offering Jewelry Displays and Boxes at reasonable rates. These boxes are the ultimate accessory for attractive, expensive or sentimental jewelry pieces. These jewelry boxes are perfect for any classy jewelry collection. The array of jewelry boxes that the company provides includes velvet single ring box, Double Ring Box, Pendent Box, Bracelet box and a lot more. The company aims at providing a wide array of inventory at affordable prices with responsive processing times. With the help of their expertise, the company provides superior quality products to their customers and fulfills all of their needs and demands.

Watch Box Co. Offering Watch Boxes for Men at the Most Reduced Prices

LogoPositioning their name among the top providers of watch boxes, Watch Box Co. has evolved as one of the most trustworthy and reputed firms with expertise in offering customers a wide range of watch boxes at the most competitive rates. Their wide range comprises wood watch boxes, leather watch boxes, carbon fiber watch boxes and many other boxes. Besides this, individuals can even get watch boxes for men and women at reduced rates through Watch Box Co. With their team of elite professionals, the company aims to provide top-notch quality products that are designed to perfection so that they meet each and every need of their customers.

DaoNow Tea Tumblers Introduces New Handcrafted Tea Tumblers

The beverage holder company, DaoNow Tea Tumblers, is pleased to introduce their new product to the market. DaoNow Tea Tumblers retails beautifully designed, handcrafted tea tumblers that provide an easy method for convenient tea drinking. Dedicated tea drinkers looking for a portable solution for carrying tea will find satisfaction in the tea tumblers offered by the company. The products are limited edition and are made out of luxury materials for easy grasping and drinking. Customers are invited to order a tea tumbler, which comes in three different designs.

Perfect Life Ideas Exciting Offer Unveiled for Users

Users can now get 33% off regular price on the vibrating Jewelry Cleaner from Perfect Life Ideas. Now Provides Promotional Advertising Pens at Competitive Prices

In order to provide their customers with a great marketing tool,, a supplier of promotional and marketing items, now provides Promotional Advertising Pens at competitive prices. So, businessmen who want to maximize their profit can purchase a variety of pens that are specifically made for promotional purposes. The company stocks a wide array of advertising pens including Fountain Pens, Metal Pens, Gel Pens, Eco Friendly Pens and much more. This leading supplier specializes in delivering promotional items as per the specific needs of their customers in the fastest possible time.

New Online Resource Helps Find Birthday Gifts for Husband or Wife

People searching for perfect birthday or special occasion gifts for a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend can now do it easily at Here they will discover an exceptional collection of ideas for presents in a number of different categories. For example, site visitors can browse birthday gift ideas for a husband or boyfriend in Electronics where brand name portable audio products and much more are featured. Or, they can check out unique birthday ideas for her in the Watches & Jewelry section of the site., a Reputed Online Store, Offers Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair for Sale, a reputed online store, is now offering the Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair for sale. Previously, this chair was available for $3,999.00 but now, individuals can buy these massage chairs for just $1,899.95.The chair emphasizes a zero-gravity design with a set of S-track movable intelligent massage robots that target neck, shoulder and lumbar massage in accordance to the body curve. The chair automatically detects the full body curve and also makes little adjustments if needed, which helps provide more mortal and scientific massage enjoyment.

Tucson Artist KR Moehr Announces New Work "SEA" - Abstract Large Original Art Painting Now for Sale

For the many people who love abstract art, Tuscon artist KR Moehr's work truly offers something special. A celebration of both the art style and the fine work coming from Moehr's AZ gallery, the artist recently announced her work "SEA" is now available for sale to online art buyers. "SEA" is an abstract large original art painting, size 36" x 48" x 1.5", in glorious flowing tones of blue being offered for just $750.00. Early reviews of the piece have been positive.

Toutson Presents Its Online Store Selling Footwear from the Leading Brand Names

Branded shoes have always been in fashion and customers like to get best deals to get their favorite shoes. There are several online stores which offer great deals on footwear from leading brands at discounted prices. One such company which has been catering to customers from across the world and offering great deals on branded shoes is Toutson. The company presently caters to customers from Hong Kong, Great Britain, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, China, and Australia. The unique USP of the website is its feature of offering affordable pricing on some of the popular shoes on offer. With an experience of over 10 years and being able to create a name for itself, the brand has gained confidence from several buyers. Another aspect which sets them apart is their quick and excellent customer service.

Promdress2girl Provides Various Designer Dresses at Discounted Prices

Buying designer prom dresses online has become a trend and there are huge amount of women buying designer dresses through the online stores. The most common forms of dresses being bought today are the casual prom dresses as they go well with all kinds of occasions. There are various online stores selling these dresses. One of the stores that have come up with wide range of dresses is Promdress2girl.

The Vaarz MoonLamp Is a Miniature Moon Right in Your Own Home

Elchin Panahov of the Netherlands has come up with a totally unique concept for a night lamp. It's called the vaarz MoonLamp and reflects light similar to our own moon.

Parts Geek Announces Extended Inventory of Power Steering Reservoirs

LogoWhen it comes to smooth and easy turns of the steering wheel, vehicles rely on the power steering reservoir for safety. When the reservoir is cracked or damaged, the power steering and all of its components become an immediate concern. As a company that offers high-quality replacement parts to ensure drivers are operating a safe vehicle, Parts Geek has announced they have extended their inventory of power steering reservoirs. Those in need of a replacement can now browse from over 14,000 products on the site.

Meta Innovations Seeks Indiegogo Funding for the Launch of Their New, Mobile App Controlled Smart Iron

LogoMost people have had the experience of forgetting to switch off their irons after using them. As a result, these users are always worried while using irons. Smart Iron has been designed to make life easier for these people. This cost effective iron will solve this age-old problem with an advanced, auto switch-off feature. The patented technology of Smart Iron switches off the iron whenever it is detected in idle state.