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2015 Memorial Day Mattress Sale Preview Released from Best Mattress Brand

LogoMemorial Day is known as the first big weekend of the summer season, and it is also a popular retail holiday bringing big sales on cars, clothing, home furnishings and more. Expands Line of Window Graphics Option for Spring 2015

LogoOnline printing authority based in New York, 4over4, expands its line of window graphics by adding clear window clings. This new addition is a versatile alternative to promote the upcoming spring and summer campaigns. The printer introduced clear window clings to help businesses draw attention effectively with easy to apply and remove clings. Their cost-effective pieces start as low as $30.00 with low minimums of only one print. Offers Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer – Zero Gravity Massage Chair for Sale

LogoIn today's fast paced world of highly-advanced modern technology, researchers have come up with the antidote for body pain, stress and tension with highly-advanced massage chairs. For people who want to get relief from pain and stress,, a renowned online store, is now offering the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer – Zero Gravity Massage Chair for sale. Customers can now avail this chair for just $5,295.00. This chair is designed to massage wider and deeper than conventional massage rollers. The 3D technology of this chair allows individuals to stretch out the massage heads up to 8mm for a deep massage.

HK Green Health Reveals How to Make Your Lips Plumper Using Their Electronic Volume Lip Device

Women who always desired for fuller and plumper lips to enhance their beauty can now learn the tricks of getting beautiful lips with the help of an especially designed device and special lip exercises. HK Green Health that specializes in the lip enhancement technology and tools brings a new electronic volume lip device. The device has been developed to increase the lip size for a woman to achieve an enhanced facial beauty.

Ya Cai Displsy Limited Introduces a New Series Retail Pallet Displays & POS Stands

With an endeavor to manufacturing sustainable, reusable and low-cost packaging and display stands, Ya Cai Displsy Limited brings easy and attractive solutions for marketers and advertisers to promote their brands. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, these products are made of cardboard that can easily be transported, can be assembled or disassembled and also stored safely for a long-term use.

VINSHAR Group Redefines Women Fashion with Their Wholesale Bandage Dress & Lover Lingerie

By offering elegantly designed women dresses and lingerie from time to time, VINSHAR International Group endeavors to influence the women's fashion globally. This time, they have brought wholesale bandage dresses and lover lingerie for women to showcase their new fashion. The dresses have been designed delicately and are available at wholesale prices for the worldwide women. Revolutionizes China Online Shopping Trends with Their Cost Saving Deals serves the purpose of an online platform where shoppers can find reliable manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of wholesale products. The website aims at bringing cost-saving deals for the consumer while Chinese wholesale product suppliers get business from the worldwide customers. Bridging the gap between the product suppliers and customers, the objective is to fuel the growth of the Chinese e-commerce industry. Announces New April Arrivals & Seasonal Specials of Professional Makeup Brushes endeavors to meet the needs of the beauty industry and offers professional makeup tools and makeup products through its web store. Professional in the makeup industry can rely on the online store for procuring the best quality makeup products at affordable prices. They keep adding new products to their inventory from time to time, and in the month of April, they have added several exciting and new products for the makeup artists.

Traveler's Pick Is Launching Their New Travel Pillow Set on Amazon

Traveler's Pick is living up to its motto. Its product is not only allowing travellers to travel at peace and comfort but also they are healing them and allowing them to have the time of their lives every time they travel. The travel pillow is the best neck pillow one can use for a tiring airplane ride. What's the use of travelling when it ends up in a hotel with a dreadful neck pain and baggy eyes due to the lack of sleep and comfort? Well, Traveler's Pick is looking out for all travellers as it provides comfort at a very reasonable price.

Sports Memorabilia Auctioneer Pristine Auction Launches Exciting New One-Day Format

Pristine Auction, one of the world's leading Sports Memorabilia Auction houses, launched a unique new Daily Auction program. With no reserve and $1 starting bids on most items, the new one-day auction option complements the company's highly popular standard auctions, giving customers a faster, even more exciting way to buy or sell authentic sports memorabilia and more. Items and lots listed under the new daily auction system are now live for bidders to inspect and bid on at the Pristine Auction website.

Little Rock Arkansas G3 Regional Office Awards Clayton Thomas and George Antarr (April 2015) Jeunesse-Global "Most Reliable" Team and "Top Sponsor" for LUMINESCE Training

LogoGeorge Antarr (Industry Legend / Network Director Extraordinaire) is married to Dr. Donna Antarr. Dr. Antarr has always had a passionate interest in science and helping people feel healthy-and-strong. She is a graduate of New York City High School of Performing Arts as a ballet-major. Dr. Antarr graduated from Hunter College in New York City summa-cum-laude with a BA in honors curriculum. She turned down acceptance to both Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the top two USA medical schools, in favor of the UCSD School of Medicine.

Traveler's Pick Is Launching Their New Travel Comfort Set on Amazon

Traveler's Pick is the most happening American family brand, offering the most comfortable travel accessories helping you to enjoy the journey. The brand has a good history of satisfied customers, leaving excellent remarks all over the internet. Here is one of the many remarks made by a customer...

Shanghai Divas Glass Co. Ltd Presents Its Large Variety of Bathroom Mirrors

The bathroom LED mirrors offers a clear and bight picture compared to the conventional ones. It gives away ample brightness required in the night while using the bathroom. The advanced lean framework of these mirrors with LED lights accentuates the overall appeal making it appear luxurious. Shanghai Divas Glass Co. Ltd is involved in the manufacture and supply of mirrors for bathroom with lights. It has a wide selection of designs and styles apart from sizes, colours and finishes. Some of these bathroom mirrors provide efficient storage options to prevent clutter. LED mirror lights are widely popular illuminated mirrors owing to their energy efficiency and economic use.

Grab Weekly Discounts on Face Care Products at My Beauty Bazar

My Beauty Bazar: An All-in-one Beauty Fix

Aspire Cool Announces Icecream Machines to Fuel the Growth of Food Retail Industry

With an adorable range of icecream machines of different capacities and various specifications, Aspire Cool invites global entrepreneurs to start own retail business of selling ice creams and gelato in their local markets. Icecream is popular everywhere among people of all age groups, and one can be part of this profitable business by procuring an Icecream Machine at an affordable cost. The company has machines in various sizes and designs that can be installed in a small space for starting a business.

The AB Hypermarket Offers Shoppers in Calicut an Exciting New Shopping Experience

LogoA crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo in order to raise the funds needed to bring an exciting new hypermarket to Calicut. This campaign has a funding goal of $150,000, which needs to be raised so the team can open the doors to their AB Hypermarket and begin offering the citizens a new shopping experience. The team decided that crowdfunding was the best avenue for fundraising because they want the community to be a part of the entire process, since the hypermarket is being built for them. They state, "Not only do we want our community to feel like a part of this process, we invite you to give us feedback and ideas and help us perfect our concept."

Psychologist Discusses the 'IKEA Rage Test', Interior Supply Responds

Leading UK supplier of European furniture, Interior Supply, have recently commented on the 'IKEA Rage Test', which was coined by psychologist Ramani Durvasula, an idea that constructed the furniture often causes break ups.

Mobility123 Announces New and Used Stair Lifts Available

LogoOne obstacle that many seniors and disabled individuals face when living an independent lifestyle is the stairs. While some individuals opt to relocate to new living quarters where there are no stairs, there is an independent living alternative that doesn't require having to move. The solution is a quality stair lift, which offers an affordable solution to maintaining a liberated lifestyle. The access and mobility solution company, Mobility123, sells and installs a variety of stair lifts for outdoor or indoor use. As a certified team of professionals that have been installing stair lifts for years, Mobility123 is the go-to source for stair lift services.

Luxury Bazaar Offers Accessories to Accommodate the Fashion of Summer Colors

LogoOne of the key elements to fashion is color, especially when it comes to coordinating a summer ensemble. Various colors are trending in the fashion industry for this summer season, featuring specific shades such as aquamarine, custard, glacier gray, toasted almond and marsala. According to Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute, an international color consulting firm, the colors have been featured in collections by designers such as Betsy Johnson, David Hart, Dennis Basso and Christian Siriano. Ladies and gentlemen looking for watches, accessories and jewelry to accommodate the summer color trends can shop the upscale selection available at Luxury Bazaar, the online retailer that offers high-end labels.

Oriental Jade Jewelry Announces Availability of Rare, Estate and One-of-a-Kind Jade Items

LogoOnly the finest quality of jadeite stone is used for carving intricate pieces into a highly valuable jewelry piece or item. The online jade jewelry retailer, Oriental Jade Jewelry, collects estate, rare and unique jade pieces that are extremely hard to find, to sell them at discounted rates. The company is pleased to announce that it has a large selection of rare jadeite items available in their online inventory. Customers are invited to shop the rare assortment available on the Oriental Jade Jewelry website. Offering Coolies for Promotional Products

LogoWhen a company needs a giveaway item that will be handed out at no cost, the product has to be one that is affordable and can get the message across. Products that are used for promotional purposes are most effective when they are an item that will be used over and over again since the message is repeatedly viewed. One successful promotional product that speaks volumes is a personalized coolie, because it keeps drinks cool and makes the beverage easy to grip. The customized beverage holder company,, offers a wide range of coolies that come with free design services. Corporations and businesses that are in need of a quality promotional product are invited to shop the selection available at

D. Robbins & Co. Offers Wholesale Magic Tricks and Supplies to Retailers

LogoWhen a retailer looks to stock its shelves with quality items, it has to make sure that the products are coming from a reliable and trustworthy source so that they can make a successful return on investment. This standard holds true for suppliers of all types of products, including magic supplies and tricks. It is important for magic supplies to be made with the highest quality in order for them to work for performers during their acts. One reputable wholesale magic supplier is D. Robbins & Co., which has been in the wholesale magic supplies business for years. The company specializes in offering cheap wholesale magic tricks for various retailers. Receives Supplier Authorization for Promotional Prices Listings

It is not a secret that lots of people who adore online shopping have in mind, security, low prices and fast delivery. For a long period proved to be just that for all the customers.

Montgomery AL G3 Regional Office Names George Antarr and Clayton Thomas (Jan. 2015) Jeunesse-Global "Most Professional" Team and "Top Sponsor" for "Instantly-Ageless" Training

LogoGeorge Antarr (Industry Legend / Network Director Extraordinaire) is married to Dr. Donna Antarr. Dr. Antarr has always had a passionate interest in science and helping people feel healthy-and-strong. She is a graduate of New York City High School of Performing Arts as a ballet-major. Dr. Antarr graduated from Hunter College in New York City summa-cum-laude with a BA in honors curriculum. She turned down acceptance to both Harvard and Johns Hopkins, the top two USA medical schools, in favor of the UCSD School of Medicine. Now Offers Its Unique Collection of Diamond Eternity Bands at Reduced Prices, a renowned manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of diamond jewelry in NY, has recently announced a massive discount of 50-60% on its unique collection of diamond eternity bands. Moreover, the jewelry store is even offering an attractive 51% off on its popular 14K Gold Round Diamond Eternity Band with 3.4 carats of diamonds. Customers can now get this elegantly-designed diamond eternity band for the amazing price of $3,495.00, down from its previous price of $7,200.00. The item code of this diamond eternity band is 006866.