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Orogold Cosmetics Exclusive Series Earns Top Spot as the New Amazon Beauty Release

Orogold cosmetics exclusive series earned the top spot in the new Amazon beauty release and the company was also able to compete with the other leading companies in the same category. The company received the top spot among many 5 star reviews in Amazon that makes this product to be among the best cosmetic brands trusted by many. Launches Using Micro Bacterial Action to Eliminate Oil Stains in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Bio-remediation was first discovered over 50 years ago, when deposits were found to have bacteria eating them away and extruding water and CO2. While this bacteria took decades to cultivate naturally in the wild, one manufacturer was able to synthesize the bacteria artificially. Terradis quickly became the biggest supplier of bio-remediation products, and has now created Terminator-HSD, the most powerful oil stain remover ever.

My-Bargains Set to Launch Stainless Steel Flavor Injector business My-Bargains, a company dealing in kitchen accessories, today announced the launch of its new stainless steel flavor injector at a small press event. A flavor injector is used to inject marinade and garlic directly into meat, reducing the need for hours of marinating and ensuring an instantly juicy roast.

Ultrasound Machine Providing Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Ultrasound Machine is one of the leading online retailers who provide diagnostic ultrasound machines at affordable prices. The rapidly growing company has gained good reputation and customer satisfaction for providing warranty and service with every ultrasound machine and they also provide veterinary ultrasound scanners for sale.

Shop at Status Announces New Clothing for April

Philadelphia's favorite streetwear store, Shop at Status, is always the first to stock up on must-have clothing and accessories for men and women. Recently, Shop at Status' online store re-stocked its shelves with the hottest streetwear items for April.

Parts Geek Announces Updated Fuel Tank Caps Inventory

LogoWith gas prices increasing across the country, it's critical for drivers to get as many miles as possible between stops to the gas station. One of the easiest ways to increase fuel economy is to ensure high performance with the gas cap. If a cap is missing or the part was poorly designed, drivers can be losing up to 30 gallons of gasoline per year. As one of the trusted auto parts retailers, Parts Geek is announcing new arrivals to their inventory of fuel tank caps. In fact, Parts Geek's fuel tank caps inventory now features over 27,000 parts. Simplifies Grocery Shopping for New Delhi Residents

Three hours or less - that's the promise of new on demand grocery delivery service, Supersave, serving residents in the Dwarka area of New Delhi.

"Soy Alto" Announces Upcoming Launch of Exclusive Men's Elevator Shoes Collection for Summer

Logo"Soy Alto", one of the premier online retailers of high quality elevator shoes today announced the upcoming launch of its latest collection of special semi-hand crafted, "Wild Leather Loafers" elevator shoes for spring-summer 2015. The new collection will feature discreet, stylish, and extremely comfortable elevator/height increasing shoes with highest quality textile or leather lining and soft leather uppers. These shoes have been specially designed to be comfortable, elegant and provide a well hidden elevation up to 2,75 inches.

Softdogcrates Launches a Series of Fashionably Soft Dog Crates for Dog Owners

Softdogcrates has announced a new series of dog crates for dog lovers. The dog crates are designed in such a way that the dogs will have a comfortable stay while they are inside the crates. Having a dog crates for dog will give security for the dogs to themselves and to others too. Softdogcrates have crates that are made of aluminum, steel and strong plastics. There are different size and designs available with them. Customers can check out the official website and place orders online. Custom made crates are also available to the customers.

Silver Coast Company Now Offers Brown Leather Sofa at Competitive Rates

Individuals, who believe in an elegant lifestyle know the importance of living room leather sofas. So, with a view to provide the best-quality seating solutions, Silver Coast Company now offers a Brown Leather Sofa. This latest addition in their beach collection is made with down blend seating to provide comfortable seating that will enhance the décor of any setting. Individuals, who are seeking a vintage-style product with a dash of modern sensibility, can count on the leather sofa provided by the silver Coast for its luxurious simplicity. Expands Its Services with a New Larger Production Facility to Its Name

As one of the most browsed platforms for T-shirt varieties, has decided to expand its services with another printing location. The move, as the company believes, will be meted out with positive response. For personal and business purposes, customized T-shirts are currently going strong. By making way for another production unit, supplies of products will thereby increase only to satisfy the thirst of people struck by the trend of sporting personalized garments.

Co-Founder Paul Beck Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start Manufacturing UnderFit Undershirts

LogoChoosing the correct undershirt has never been an easy thing to do. Most of the regular undershirts available on the market are shapeless, have excess fabric, and often come untucked. Unfortunately, all these factors can lead to sloppiness in terms of feelings and looks. Paul Beck and his team have solved this problem with their uniquely designed undershirts. Now, they have redesigned the shirts to make them even better. Giveaway Winner Plus More Designs out on Facebook announced Anne Cagalingan as another giveaway winner on Facebook last May 4, 2015.  The contest started on April 16 and ended on the last day of April this year.  It's a random basis and lucky Anne got the £29 worth of fashion bracelet.  The mechanics are as easy as 1, 2, 3 by just hitting the "Like", "Share" and "Comment".  Contest is closed as of the moment and many FB users are waiting for the next giveaway.

Hasbeen Kickstarter Project Fits Crowdfunding Model to a Tee

LogoOn May 11, 2015 a new Kickstarter campaign will be launching to raise funds for Hasbeen Hockey Apparel based out of Sudbury, ON. The company's founder Cody Duguay has his eyes set on a $25,000 minimum target level and has very exciting and specific plans for the potential funds.

Cheeto Collectors Auction Celebrity Cheetos for Charity

LogoCheetos Collectors Joel Jerome and his son Redd are placing 50 of their most prized Cheetos up for auction on E bay to raise money and bring attention to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

High Fashion Indian Dresses and Salwar Kameez

When shopping for Indian fashion items and accessories, most shoppers want to be assured that they will be receiving authentic Indian items of the best possible quality. Kaneesha not only supplies authentic Indian fashion garments; the company also ensures that their product ranges are always as up to date as possible. Recently, the company added a new and unique range of tunic tops, Salwar Kameez, Indian dresses and Saris to its collection.

K&H Releases New Lego Building Bricks and Figures Silly Candy Molds on Amazon

Kaufmann & Harris Limited is a UK based retailer that specializes in finding unique specialty items and delivering them to the public. Revisiting the idea of curiosity shops and adding a modern twist, K&H seeks to provide items that will put a smile on people's faces, like their latest addition to candy molds, the Lego Building Bricks and Figures molds.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 5,800 Subaru Impreza Parts

LogoOne of the most impressive things about the Subaru Impreza is its all-wheel drive. Therefore, drivers who want a smaller vehicle that performs well during harsher weather conditions often choose the Impreza. Even though this vehicle is impressive, that is not to say that it is exempt from needing its parts replaced. To help Impreza owners keep their vehicle running—whether it is a 1993 model or a 2013 model—Parts Geek is pleased to announce that they have updated their Subaru Impreza parts inventory. In fact, Parts Geek is now offering over 5,800 Subaru Impreza parts.

Bridgman Releases 2015 Contract Collection Catalog for Clients in Dubai, Middle East

Bridgman, one of the world's leading furniture suppliers, announced the availability of the company's 2015 Contract Collection Catalog for customers in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the Middle East. Detailing Bridgman's wide range of top-quality commercial outdoor furniture, the new catalog will help hotels, restaurants, and other establishments in Dubai and beyond better serve their clients. The 2015 Catalog is now available for free online viewing at, where visitors can also use a convenient form to request a physical copy.

Celebrity Suits to Offer More Than 1200 of Their Products on Sale

Celebrity Suits is an online store offering a wide collection of men's business & party suits, jackets and wedding Sherwanis. Presently, the online store started offering more than 1200 of their products on sale. This special promo is provided by the store as a preparation for their Mother's Day special offerings.

Blushing Bundles Donating Hair Every Week to Locs of Love

LogoHair company Blushing Bundles has launched a special initiative to make weekly donations of hair extensions to the charity, Locs of Love.

YourSmarterBuy Offers 'Color Changing LED' Shower Head

It has been two months since LED shower heads have been introduced into the market by "" and since then they have been widely enjoyed and bought by customers. The product is recognized for its features: safety, fun, easy installation and quality.

Knifeworks Kicks off Brand New Online Content Initiative with Kershaw Knockout Review

Leading retailer Knifeworks launched a brand-new review series today with an in-depth look at manufacturer Kershaw's highly popular Knockout folding knife. With a compelling blend of functionality and smart, practical design, the several models of the Knockout family impressed the company's reviewers. As one of the world's top knife retailers, Knifeworks now expands into online features like the new review that will keep the company's customers even better informed as they shop the one of the most extensive selections of top-quality knives to be found anywhere.

Much Awaited Discount Codes for River Island Finally Announced by Top Online Clothing Store

With the much anticipated announcement of discount codes by river island clothing store, online shoppers now have something to look forward to when it comes to shopping. This comes as good news for shoppers as most of the branded goods displayed in big stores and malls are highly expensive. Survey has shown that a large number of people wait for some sort of discount where some percentage of the sum is deducted from the original price. Many consumers has reported that this makes their purchase more affordable and within their means.

Swags Galore, America's Online Curtain Superstore, Is Offering Thermal Curtains at Reasonable Prices

LogoSwags Galore, America's online curtain superstore, is now offering thermal curtains at reasonable prices. Customers can now save 50-80% off of the curtains at this store. Curtains give a nice touch of elegance to any home décor. These curtains provide the additional comfort of warmth in cool weather and cooling on hot sunny days. They prevent noise from coming in from the outside and some of these curtains have a black out feature that provides privacy. Thermal curtains, also known as insulated curtains, are made from cotton or polyester or from a combination of materials. They have a foam thermal backing that gives them the ability to keep the room warm or cool and stand out from other blinds.