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False Ease: An Easy to Apply Strip Lash Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

False Ease are an easy to apply strip lashes that are invented by an inspiring California based American eyelash extension artist, Elyse Magness. The artist has an extensive experience in the makeup industry, and she has created these lashes to make the lives of women much easier while styling. Moreover, the eyelash extension artist has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for these lashes, and the goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise a sum of $10,000.

HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop in Haneda Airport Selected as Regional Winner Asia Pacific

LogoThe Airport Food & Beverage and Conference and Awards (FAB) has selected HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop as Highly Commended and the Regional Winner Asia Pacific for the category Best Airport Health-Centered or Vegan Offer of the Year. The judges announced their decision in Dallas, Texas on June 27, 2019.

DrinkBranders Custom Drinkware Offers High Quality Custom Drink Bottles at Affordable Cost

LogoThe importance of water for survival is undeniable, especially when it comes to accomplishing all the daily chores. From cooking to drinking, water is essential for performing all these routine tasks. However, drinking is a requirement for which custom drink bottles are required.

DrinkBranders Offers High-End Water Bottle with Logo

LogoFor a brand to be recognized, repetition is needed, which can be done by giving away products that bear the company name or logo. The high-end water bottle with logo is among the handiest and inexpensive products that will be pretty effective for a business to achieve their marketing plans. At the same, these bottles serve to meet the drinking needs of the individuals, keeping them in good health.

Explore the Largest Selection of Rectangular Gazebos in the UK at the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company

One of the UK's leading hot tub and swim spa supplier, The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company offers rectangular gazebos in a variety of specifications to meet the space and theme of any outdoor space. The stunning gazebos are built to add elegance and wow factor to any garden. These gazebos are a great way to enjoy the magnificent experience of hot tubs. Extremely durable, the gazebos can withstand severe weather conditions such as sun, rain, wind, etc. The gazebos are handcrafted by trained professionals using high quality materials in varied colours, designs and patterns. With an aesthetically pleasing look, these gazebos can be a perfect addition to any garden. The gazebos require little to no maintenance and provide you with a comforting and enjoyable environment.

Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading LLC Providing Quality WHISPER Mattresses for Adjustable Comfort and Support

LogoDeep Sleep Home Furniture Trading, under its brand WHISPER, has created an online mattress business that offers high value for its customers. The retailer supplies sleeping products that include WHISPER mattresses and pillows. The WHISPER mattress is the best mattress for availing great sleep, and it is exclusively available to buy online in Dubai and the UAE. The mattress is made out of top-quality dynamic foams that are adjustable in comfort and medically certified. Such type of foam is ventilating and breathable, unlike memory foam.

Corset Deal Providing a Wide Collection of Corsets in Varied Materials and Styles

LogoEvery woman has the desire to have a fit and gorgeous body. Therefore, Corset Deal offers high-quality waist training under-bust corsets to help all those women who have saggy breasts or are flat-chested. However, if women are looking for something for the heavy bust, then the retailer also offers plus size over-bust corsets that can help them define their bust size. An under-bust corset gives perfect curves to women and assists in correcting a bad body posture. Corset Deal has a vast range of corsets so that women may find their perfect fit.

American Retail Supply Offering Reusable Bags, Jewelry Display Cases and Gift Ribbon Bows

LogoBased out of the US, American Retail Supply is a well-established supplier of wholesale items designed to help retail store owners run their day-to-day operations in the best way possible. Committed to meeting their clients at the point of their needs, American Retail Supply carries with it an exceptional range of items which include gift shop supplies, convenience store supplies, apparel store supplies, security tags & labels, point of sale systems, EAS security systems and much more. From the onset, the supplier has focused on providing top-quality products which have left their clients satisfied at every turn. They conduct their operations as the industry requires, and they can always be relied upon to deliver on their promises.

American Retail Supply Offering Top Notch Solutions for Improving Retail Store Display

LogoAmerican Retail Supply has defied the test of time to progressively rise and become the go-to supplier for retail store owners across the USA that are looking for quality backed products to ease their operations. The e-commerce store not only represents an undying passion for upholding the spirit of entrepreneurship in the nation, but has been the pacesetter in the highly demanding market for decades. American Retail Supply has, as a result, diversified their business to include other divisions apart from being a packaging mega-store by becoming a solution for IT & technology solutions as well as they can help with all promotion products. Become the Top Provider of Bearings with Great Delivery Times

Bearings are used in a wide array of applications. However, their quality can determine the number of factors. As a result, opting for high-quality ones only is often recommended. Finding online suppliers that make quality their primary goal is no easy task. One needs to consider the price, delivery time and overall supply before they can choose a supplier.

Spill the Tee Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its All Tee No Shade Fashion Tank Tops

Spill The Tee is an emerging new US based fashion brand that is reshaping the contemporary fashion trends for men. The brand has recently introduced its all-new All Tee No Shade line of stylish tank tops for men and it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project. The goal of this recently launched Kickstarter campaign is to raise a sum of $15,000, and the brand is welcoming generous support and backing.

Solware – The Greatest Shooting Clothing and Footwear

Solware, one of the UK's favourite and most dominating suppliers of air rifles and air pistols, has now extended their collections to include shooting clothing and footwear, enabling all of their customers to purchase all of the supplies and equipment that they need for shooting in one place. Solware now cover all shooting clothing and footwear needs and requirements, offering a vast range of clothing and boots that are not only aesthetically perfect for shooting but also protective.

Solware: Now Selling Gun Dog Training Supplies

Solware, one of the UK's leading suppliers of air rifles and air pistols, are renowned throughout the shooting industry for constantly offering all of the shooting equipment that shooters of any level could possibly need – Now extending their range to include gun dog training supplies.

The Tribesman Is a Beautiful Timepiece That Pays Homage to Africa

LogoThe Tribesman watch from Chale Watches takes inspiration from Africa. The face of the watch features slim hands and a tribal shield and spears in the center. An African warrior graces the back panel of the watch. Customers can choose between a variety of watch bands, finishes, colors, and other details, enabling them to personalize their watches to suit their taste.

Suburban Marble & Granite Offers Guidance on Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Outdoor kitchens are increasing in popularity throughout the US, offering an area beyond the indoors to cook and spend time with the family. Expanding kitchens from their indoor spaces not only increases the functionality of a home, but gives it an updated look as well. The top-rated provider of countertops for Montgomery County homeowners, Suburban Marble & Granite offers high quality stone countertops for all of their clientele throughout the PA and NJ areas.

Purple Wishing Gate Offers Meaningful Teacher Gifts

LogoAsk most teachers about their work, and they'll tell you it's more than a job, it's a labor of love. Our teachers spend much of their personal time nurturing and inspiring their students, molding their minds and hearts in ways that we can't imagine. Finding a meaningful teachers gift for sale can be difficult, but Purple Wishing Gate offers the perfect solution.

Mr. Brands Offers Essential Hardware Store Supplies at Wholesale Prices

Mr. Brands is a leading source for quality wholesale products for businesses across the globe, so it's no surprise that they're the wholesale hardware supplier that retailers turn to when they want to stock their shelves and stay within a budget. The Mr. Brands website offers hundreds of essential accessories for hardware stores, including batteries, gloves, power tools, plumbing supplies, lighting, electrical, and cleaning products — to name a few. All of these items are available as bulk purchases, helping businesses across the US increase their inventory and profit margins.

Simple Tips for Outdoor Cookouts

LogoWith drinks that are fruity, it's common to see a bug fly into the drink and then become stuck there after falling in. An easy way to keep a drink free of bugs is using cupcake liners which will fit comfortably upside down on the drink without affecting it. Pop in a reusable straw and bugs in drinks will largely be a thing of the past.

James Moore New York Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the ATLAS Travel Bag

James Moore New York has proudly announced that it is introducing an all-new and remarkable travel bag for the modern-day travelers, who don't like to spend much time on the airport security. The New York based company is known worldwide for creating functional items that are portable, comfortable and stylish. The company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for its ATLAS travel bag, which is the ultimate traveling solution and is already creating a major buzz worldwide.

Cardigans Humanity: An Inspiring New Project Launches on Kickstarter

Cardigans Humanity is an apparel brand that is all about humanity and the humble cardigan. Based in Australia, the brand is taking an out of the box approach to serve humanity and it is getting a great response. Moreover, the initiative was founded by two cousins, James and Cameron, barely out of their teens but displaying a vision well beyond their years. Inspired by their grandfather and fueled by passion, their goal is to raise awareness of major issues while supporting various humanitarian causes through sales from their apparel line. Cameron is currently a Forensic Science student at Flinders University and works part-time as an IT Consultant, while James is currently a Draftsman at an Architecture Firm. For more information, visit

Vancouver's 365 Junk Removal Company Shares Tips for Removing Clutter in the House

Sometimes keeping homes clutter-free is quite a task. With a fast-paced daily life, it's easy for junk to accumulate, leaving households messy and disorganized. But finding the time and energy to correctly clean-up and dispose of the mess can be challenging. That's why 365 Junk Removal in Vancouver has recently published a blog full of tips on how to manage the process of decluttering. For more, visit

The Hosemaster – Now Stocking All Valves

The Hosemaster is for many people in the UK the go-to company when looking to purchase hose and couplings, however what many people do not realise is that the company also offer a fantastic range of other related products – Allowing people to purchase all the hose that they could possibly need, alongside other related products, in one place.

Tapferkeit Watches Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Make Luxury Affordable for Everyone

Tapferkeit Watches has proudly announced that it has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for its upcoming line of affordable and Bauhaus Inspired wrist watches. These limited edition legacy timepieces are designed to enable the owners of these watches to create their very own legacy and live their very own moments.

Barbera Cares Bear Collaborates with 6ABC to Keep Roads Safe in Philadelphia

LogoGary Barbera and his BarberaCares Programs are celebrating three decades of sharing and caring in communities. The BarberaCares Bear, Slow Down Phone Down Don't Text and Drive 30th Anniversary, is running all summer long on the 6ABC City Line Avenue digital display message screen. This special digital message has been up for a few weeks now and will remain running throughout the summer.

HOUZER Provides Stainless Steel Sinks, Porcelain Sinks, and Farmhouse Sinks

LogoHOUZER is a well-recognized powerhouse known for its expertise in the field of sinks where they seek to transform homes and properties through their excellent range of sink solutions. Run by a team of industry enthusiasts, the company has changed the way property owners and homeowners view the interior décor of their spaces. The sink supplier has been able to impact this segment through their modern sink designs that speak to the varying demands of their clientele. Right from undermount stainless sinks, bar-prep bowls to top mount kitchen sinks, HOUZER has been associated with durable, stylish and exotic sink items that have made a difference for their clients. All their sink products are made as per the industry standards, making them the perfect supplier for any requirements in this arena.